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Turning climate tech ideas into global commercial success

350 PPM Looks to Scale Business Model

350 PPM LTD is funding. We funded in 2016, raising circa £100,000 to get the business going, in 2019…

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350 PPM launches fundraise campaign for green tech expansion

We have launched a campaign to raise funds for the expansion of our business – specifically ta…

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Unearthing investment for the green economy

The green economy refers to an economic system that aims to foster sustainability and reduce environ…

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ENG8 Accepts Investment Fund Offer, GreenMine Scales, 350 PPM Preps for JP Jenkins Listing

Dear All, Here are the updates for this month: ENG8 International Ltd ENG8 has accepted the offer fr…

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GreenMine secures tech validation for UK landfill solution

Working with the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Stopford, the UK-based waste carbonisat…

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GreenMine Attracts Institutional Interest, ENG8 20M Term Sheet Imminent, 350 PPM Stakes Objectives

Dear All, We haven’t provided an update for 3 weeks, so please find below the following: GreenMine G…

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Advanced assurance
GreenMine secures advance assurance for Enterprise Investment Scheme

We’re pleased to report that GreenMine has been awarded advanced assurance for the Enterprise Invest…

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GreenMine begins its run of the entrepreneurial gauntlet to Institutional Investment

Dear All, Did you know that Running the Gauntlet has no relation to the glove? The term “Running The…

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waste carbonisation plant
GreenMine secures first waste carbonisation site in Wales

UK-based waste carbonisation business, GreenMine, has secured its first operational site – an indust…

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Landfill stinks

By Nick Dimmock, Director of Investor Relations at 350PPM And we’re not just talking about the smell…

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350 PPM LTD: Highlights of 2023 – PART 5

Please see below for Part 5 of our 2023 highlights series though GreenMine is really our focus for 2…

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ENG8 at Greenbackers COP28 (Pitch) in London

GREENBACKERS Investment Capital are specialists for cleantech and climate technology venture ca…

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350 PPM LTD: Highlights of 2023 – PART 4

Please see below for Part 4 of our 2023 highlights series.  ENG8 now completing due diligence with t…

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350 PPM LTD: Highlights of 2023 – PART 3

Please see below for Part 3 of our 2023 highlights series.  Megawatt Mosaic Records 1st Year Revenue…

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350 PPM LTD: Highlights of 2023 – PART 2

Please see below for Part 2 of our 2023 highlights series.  Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd is the inven…

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350 PPM LTD: Highlights of 2023 – PART 1

Overall, if you take the value of the four companies we were working with on 1st January 2023, which…

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rising sea temperature
Time to turn the tide on climate change

By Dr Jacqui Taylor, Clean Tech Advisor at 350PPM COP28 marked a pivotal moment in climate change ta…

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Global warming
What’s the big deal about the earth getting hotter?

As we eagerly await the outcome of COP28 later this week, many will be taking stock of the targets s…

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GreenMine is the new trading name for Pyrolysise

GreenMine, the new trading name of Pyrolysise Ltd, is gaining significant traction. GreenMine has co…

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New grant funding adviser joins the team

We’re excited to announce that Colm Macqueen has joined the team at 350PPM. As a keen supporter of i…

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New expert clean tech advisor

We’re delighted to welcome Dr Jacqui Taylor to our team. Jacqui is a high-level climate leader recog…

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350 PPM Updates: Here comes Cool Net Zero: O-Hx releases EnergiVault’s 2-10

Dear All, Please see below for the latest updates from our client companies. Organic Heat Exchangers…

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25 Cabot Square
New London office

We have a new London office in the heart of the city’s central business district. Our London office …

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Organic Heat Exchangers Releases EnergiVaults 2-10

Organic Heat Exchangers has released EnergiVaults 2-10 for sale to international markets. Full detai…

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