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GreenMine’s Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCPs) process unsorted waste, emissions free, into marketable offtakes such as Mineral recyclables, Biochar, Bio-coal, Pyroligneous extract (which can be separated into tar, lignin, acidic water and bio-oils), electricity, heat and we expect, carbon credits.


ENG8 International has developed a low energy catalysed fusion process. Fusion releases over a million times more energy than chemical combustion processes. Introducing the EnergiCell; a breakthrough in energy technology that produces excess energy using only water or air as fuel.


Megawatt Mosaic Ltd has been formed to supercharge BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) and Solar deployment throughout Southern Europe. MW Mosaic is an environmental research consultancy and developer which is involved in the identification, research and completion of initial studies on suitable locations for battery storage and solar sites across Southern Europe.


Using a proven Danish technology EnviraBoard provides a very competitive solution for multi-use, adaptable and flexible building boards for the construction industry. The product is environmentally outstanding as it turns paper sludge waste, from recycled paper production, into high quality and durable building boards.

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Organic Heat Exchangers (O-Hx) is the home of the patented “EnergiVault” technology, capable of storing and delivering vast amounts of thermal energy on demand to drive down the cost of cooling and provide infinitely scalable energy storage.


Papa One are renewable energy developers, using solar to energise high growth markets, reduce emissions and build a sustainable future for all. They engage in pre-construction stage development and currently have a focus on utility scale solar projects in the US and Latin America.


Storelectric is an EIS-Qualified developer of projects & technologies which solve the biggest issue with green energy. The facilitate the growing Hydrogen economy with cost-effective Hydrogen production and storage, and enabling renewables to power the grid with long-duration, large-scale energy storage.


Solar 350 is a pre-construction developer of solar farms with active operations in South America. It operates on a partnership model with domestic and international developers.

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Shine Australia One Ltd is a development company set up to capitalise on the clear opportunities present in the Australian solar market. Specifically, Shine has funded the development of projects, with over 40 projects identified to be developed in around 48 months. Shine Australia commits to funding to the projects only when a lease option has been signed with a land owner, and works with development partners to progress them all the way to ready to build status.