Incubating and Accelerating the Development of
Environmental Businesses and Projects around the World

Scientists tell us that to preserve a live able planet we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 410 parts per million to 350 PPM or below.



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This has led to The Paris Agreement; a legally binding commitment to deal with greenhouse-gas-emissions, mitigation, adaption and finance. Signed in 2016, as we begin to retool our energy systems worldwide, we estimate this will catalyse a $90 trillion environmental revolution and will lead to development of 100,000 environmental projects.

As of August 2019, 350 PPM has introduced 6 environmental companies to suitable investors. 350 Companies including 350 PPM Ltd have been involved in the development of over 50 environmental projects, the aggregate capex which is estimated to be over $4 Billion. With experience dating back to 2008, 350 sector expertise is the pre-construction development and accreditation of environmental projects, generally acknowledged as the richest equity seam.

We work alongside these environmental companies to take them through the four stages of commercialization: Incubation, Expansion, VC and Listing. Avoiding actual energy generation, many may benefit from SEIS/EIS tax incentives.


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Energy-from-Waste (EFW) are project developers with 14 sites in early stage development and are waiting for term sheets to be provided from 3 potential buyers for the sale of their first three sites


"Paris Agreement Project Accelerator" invests in environmental projects which are midway through Pre-Construction Development and assists with Power Purchase Agreements, financing and negotiating with final buyers and funders

Provides energy consultancy for the purpose of commercialising opportunities in the distributed energy markets, current efforts are being focused on gas peaking power plant technology

A solar developer involved in pre-construction development of utility scale solar sites, with the ambition to construct and operate its own sites in course

Shine Australia One Ltd is an investment vehicle set up by parent company Canigou Capital, to capitalise on the opportunities in the Australian solar market. Individual projects will be in the range of 5MW and connected to the local distribution network.


Large-scale long-duration electricity storage using the world's most efficient and cost-effective compressed air (CAES). A key technology enabling renewables to power grids affordably, reliably and resiliently. Supported by numerous engineering multinationals, and recognised by many awards.

Organic Heat Exchangers (O-Hx) is the home of the patented “EnergiVault” technology, capable of storing and delivering vast amounts of thermal energy on demand to drive down the cost of cooling and provide infinitely scalable energy storage.

Pyrolysise’s Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCPs) process unsorted waste, emissions free, into marketable offtakes such as Mineral recyclables, Biochar, Bio-coal, Pyroligneous extract (which can be separated into tar, lignin, acidic water and bio-oils), electricity, heat and we expect, carbon credits.

Environmental Projects 350 PPM has been involved with:

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