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Home » ENG8 at Greenbackers COP28 (Pitch) in London

ENG8 at Greenbackers COP28 (Pitch) in London

GREENBACKERS Investment Capital are specialists for cleantech and climate technology venture capital and first-institutional funding. They help start-up and scale-up founders who either: can’t afford the fees of a big investment house, worry that most advisors are too ‘generalist’, or are too busy running their businesses to do it themselves.

Greenbackers hosted its’ bi-annual Super Pitch in London in December…with 20 fantastic cleantech businesses in a room full of investors.

ENG8 also presented their pitch with 350 PPM’s Chairman, Nicholas Dimmock and Haslen Back, Co-Founder and BDO at ENG8, presenting the pitch.

We know that the ENG8’s EnergiCell works because it has been independently validated by iep and another independent validator” Nicholas Dimmock started off the pitch.

ENG8 and 350 PPM Team at the Greenbackers COP28 (Pitch) in London

Haslen Back explained how the catalysed fusion works and how ENG8’s EnergiCell is using Water molecules as fuel.

You can watch ENG8’s pitch below:

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