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350 PPM LTD: Highlights of 2023 – PART 5

Please see below for Part 5 of our 2023 highlights series though GreenMine is really our focus for 2024.

GreenMine has co-developed a zero emissions waste processing technology that can process new waste as well as existing legacy waste in landfills. GreenMine’s process produces valuable offtakes and green power. 

Thus, GreenMine provides a waste solution, a landfill liability solution and facilitates a housing solution in the UK and soon, worldwide, through landfill clearance, remediation and redevelopment.

With your help, we anticipated GreenMine will go on a tear this year. The road ahead is paved with counterparties that wish to work with GreenMine, funders that wish to fund our projects, and site owners that wish to rid themselves of their liabilities. We just need to give them the beans in the same way we did ENG8, Megawatt Mosaic and O-Hx.

Please visit for further information. For existing investors, your SEIS/EIS claims should have been credited. If not please get in touch with

GreenMine is a trading name for Pyrolysise Ltd.

GreenMine has co-developed a waste solution that processes unsorted waste into Bio-Coal (for electricity generation), Bio-Char (for agriculture), Bio-oil (numerous applications) and mineral recyclables (metals and minerals recycling).

The exact proportions of the above offtakes depend on the constituents of the waste. Thus, GreenMine provides a solution for dealing with new waste, which benefits from a £90 per ton gate fee, and for dealing with legacy waste that has been sitting in landfill for years and could be now processed into the offtakes as detailed above and thus remediate landfill sites, returning them to brownfield or greenfield, ready for either industrial, commercial, or housing developments. They’re not making land anymore apparently, and the land development cycle is the base of all economic cycles.

While we are told that landfills are safe, I really struggle with this. Several companies in the US have got themselves into a significant amount of trouble from Landfills – Dupont being the main one leading to thousands of deaths (read the article here) – and ultimately, wherever landfills are around the world, the only thing that is guaranteed is that no one knows what is down there or the damage that they can ultimately cause as the leachate leaches into the water table.

What is the value of a 50-hectare landfill site due to be capped, compared to when GreenMine has cleared it and in the interim part financed clearance through sales of the offtakes? Personally, I think, its a very significant liability converted into a very valuable asset. And due to urban sprawl many landfills are on sites within city limits and thus represent very valuable real estate. Are we talking billions or trillions worldwide?

Landfill is a major problem for local authorities, and results in significant health and safety problems for residents. Add to this the pent-up demand for new sites for housebuilding, and one can see that the redevelopment potential is huge.

GreenMine is funding now and expects to have its first site operational by August 2024, at which time we anticipate GreenMine will be profitable, generating income from gate fees and the sale of the recycled offtakes. From here, GreenMine intends on scaling through new waste sites and through landfill reclamation and remediation in the UK and abroad.

So far, circa £2m has been invested in GreenMine’s development. If you are interested in analysing the company further, please visit their website and request further information.

Please note that GreenMine is a trading name for Pyrolysise Ltd.

This concludes our 2023 highlights series. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these opportunities in more detail. 

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

ABOUT 350 PPM LTD 350 PPM LTD is an incubator and accelerator for early-stage companies operating in the clean energy and environmental protection sectors. Working from within our clients companies we deliver a wide range of services to support and drive their business growth. Our team of 7 becomes part of their team, aligning our objectives to ensure can provide maximum guidance and expertise to achieve their business goals. 

Our services

Securing funding from a wide range of investors at key stages; this will include angel investors, family offices, venture capital funds, and institutional investors.
Providing input on developing business plans.
Preparing Information Memoranda and other marketing material to support the fund raising.
Sales, marketing, and PR campaigns to increase exposure of our clients with key audiences and other stakeholders.
Accountancy and financial management.
Ulilising our established networks to recommend suitable professional service providers such as accountants and lawyers.
Acting as interim directors on client boards.
Setting up boards of directors to give direction and provide corporate governance.
Supporting clients with commercial contracts and negotiations with potential partners and suppliers.
Administration of Fundraises including; Subscription Bundles, Trade Ledgers, Shareholder Registers, Client KYC and Transaction Settlement and fullfillment.

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