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Ep.1 – Green Deals

As a moderately sane Gen X’er I have started watching a lot of YouTube.

The news is still quite depressing, Netflix is all about crime and murder and Prime keeps trying to charge me for everything.

So I watch a lot of Matt Armstrong (buys car write-offs and rebuilds them), what’s going on in China; which seems to be approaching a 1929 recession, and loads of rowing vids.

It’s raw reality TV. But it is enjoyable.

I know this content is built for Gen Y and being significantly influenced by Gen Z, but unless I am an outlier, it’s going to include many Gen X. As Boomers, Gen X are increasingly navigating a world not made by us or for us. 

YouTube works with AI, so you can train it to give you more of the content you’re interested in.

Of course there’s loads of junk on there with people telling you they’re billionaires, getting out of their pools, telling you they work one hour a day, and you can become a billionaire as well, through trading crypto, or investing in property, all of which are quite annoying. So it takes a bit of patience to train the AI to refine your feed.

To jump onto this trend, I am going to be doing a weekly series of 2 min vids, giving you the inside track of what’s happening and the Green Deals.

Yes of course, the ultimate objective is to raise capital, but the interim objective is to interest and entertain.

Ep. 1 – Green Deals

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