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GreenMine secures advance assurance for Enterprise Investment Scheme

We’re pleased to report that GreenMine has been awarded advanced assurance for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

This assurance confirms that HMRC agrees that an investment in GreenMine would meet the conditions of a venture capital scheme and that the company can issue certificates to investors to claim tax relief.

All businesses applying for the EIS must submit extensive data for HMRC’s due diligence process, including the business plan and financial forecasts, how investments will be used, details of all trading, activities and expenditures, and the investor proposal.

What is the EIS?

The EIS was launched in 1994 by the UK government as a way to encourage investment in small UK companies. EIS is a series of tax reliefs that benefit investors when they invest in eligible start-ups or early-stage businesses. In turn, the scheme benefits small businesses by turning them into more attractive investment opportunities (by reducing potential investor losses), making it easier for them to acquire the investment they need to grow.

Investing in small or new businesses is often a risky venture. Companies that are not listed on a stock exchange hold a particularly high risk of losing capital. Not only that, but small companies also typically take a long time to earn back investment or generate any profit. EIS, therefore, provides investors with attractive benefits to counterbalance the risks associated with supporting fledgling businesses.

By encouraging more investment, the scheme has significantly supported and boosted entrepreneurial activity in the UK.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme offers several different forms of tax relief to investors who invest money in eligible companies. Briefly, EIS offers tax benefits in the following ways:

  • 30% relief on Income
  • Exemption from Capital Gains Tax on any gains after three years from the investment
  • Capital Gains Tax deferral when gains are reinvested in other EIS-eligible companies
  • Loss relief when EIS shares are disposed of at a loss, either by being set against the investor’s capital gains or set against the income tax bill in the year of disposal
  • Carry-back: applying tax relief to a previous year
  • Reduction or elimination of Inheritance Tax on eligible EIS shares held for two years.
  • Under the Enterprise Investment Scheme, there are several tax benefits available to investors and qualifying companies.

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About GreenMine

Founded in 2021, GreenMine is a UK-based co-developer of a waste carbonisation system that can recycle and process waste, including plastics, or create valuable offtakes and/or generate heat or electricity – reducing emissions through recycling and creating low-emission power.

Its innovative technology for the carbonisation of municipal solid waste is to set a new benchmark in the waste industry by enabling the mining, cleaning and repurposing of landfill sites for positive re-development.

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