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GreenMine Attracts Institutional Interest, ENG8 20M Term Sheet Imminent, 350 PPM Stakes Objectives

Dear All,

We haven’t provided an update for 3 weeks, so please find below the following:


GreenMine has secured Institutional interest that could fully fund the company and all its ambitions.

While I was considering it was very early to get institutional interest, I revisited the developments of GreenMine, its team and objectives.

  1. Co-development of two types of technology, which deal with unsorted waste – emissions free.
  2. Creation of offtake products that can be used to generate electricity on site, meaning 2-3 MW of BASELOAD electricity into the grid, potentially at hundreds of locations across the country.
    a) With the demands for electricity increasing due to heat pumps, electric cars, the difficulties in bringing offshore wind energy onshore and getting it round the grid, this is a perfect opportunity to sell electricity at premium prices.
  3. Less waste going to landfill or incineration, and in future, redevelopment of landfills for housing.
    If you are interested in local waste solutions, and they must be local (regional incinerators are out due to CO2 and planning constraints and exporting our rubbish to pollute the developing world is now illegal), GreenMine might be worth an investigation.

You can find additional details here.

ENG8 International Ltd

We have been advised that the 3rd iteration of the term sheet will be provided to ENG8 from their Institutional Investor today.

The transaction options remain the same for existing investors and for the company (£20M Equivalent at £80M Valuation), which is obviously significantly up from when we started working with ENG8.

There is nothing anyone needs to do now. As soon as we have the final term sheet, then we will write to you all and explain the options available to you.

350 PPM Ltd

350 PPM will be listing on the JP Jenkins exchange within the first half of this year.

In terms of exchange hierarchy, JP Jenkins is below AIM and LSE, but we do get an ISIN code, which means any broker in the country can purchase 350 PPM shares and there will also be exit opportunities for existing shareholders.

Longer term, we do plan to establish a fund: 350 Ventura Climate Fund, but more details about this later.

That’s all for now,  please don’t hesitate to forward this mail or come back to me with any questions.

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

ABOUT 350 PPM LTD 350 PPM LTD is an incubator and accelerator for early-stage companies operating in the clean energy and environmental protection sectors. Working from within our clients companies we deliver a wide range of services to support and drive their business growth. Our team of 7 becomes part of their team, aligning our objectives to ensure can provide maximum guidance and expertise to achieve their business goals. 

Our services

Securing funding from a wide range of investors at key stages; this will include angel investors, family offices, venture capital funds, and institutional investors.
Providing input on developing business plans.
Preparing Information Memoranda and other marketing material to support the fund raising.
Sales, marketing, and PR campaigns to increase exposure of our clients with key audiences and other stakeholders.
Accountancy and financial management.
Ulilising our established networks to recommend suitable professional service providers such as accountants and lawyers.
Acting as interim directors on client boards.
Setting up boards of directors to give direction and provide corporate governance.
Supporting clients with commercial contracts and negotiations with potential partners and suppliers.
Administration of Fundraises including; Subscription Bundles, Trade Ledgers, Shareholder Registers, Client KYC and Transaction Settlement and fullfillment.

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