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GreenMine secures tech validation for UK landfill solution

Working with the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Stopford, the UK-based waste carbonisation business, GreenMine, has secured validation for the equipment and technology to be used at its first UK energy-from-waste plant.

Acting as engineer, procurement and construct manager (EPCM) for the development of GreenMine’s waste carbonisation and gasification plants globally, Stopford’s initial remit was to conduct a due diligence survey of selected equipment suppliers capable of meeting UK compliance for the development of a proof-of-concept plant for its innovative solution to landfill. As a critical step in this process, Stopford completed a due diligence exercise on two of the technology providers that had been shortlisted by the team at GreenMine.

Prith Rajendran, Managing Director at Stopford, said: “The technology validated is manufactured to German standards and is already proven in Brazil under load conditions. These two factors combined provide us with an added layer of confidence in the capabilities and present an exciting prospect for a plug-and-play solution in the UK market.”

Through the due diligence process, Stopford has confirmed the equipment will comply with UK requirements including CE marking, pressure systems regulations and ATEX.

The technology also has a number of operational advantages, the most attractive being how the plant converts the waste into energy by using much higher temperatures than existing pyrolysis technologies currently available in Europe. Firstly, the waste is converted into two streams: a high calorific gas stream and an inert solid char.

This means there is no downstream equipment required to separate the gas from any liquid produced which is what is currently required at lower-temperature pyrolysis plants in the UK. Furthermore, the char produced will not have volatiles present, so it eliminates the requirement for any further treatment.

Another advantage of the technology is that it does not require a thermal oxidiser to treat any post-combustion gases. This is a requirement in the UK and EU, as all waste-to-energy plants must follow the Waste Incineration Directive 2010/75/EU. The technology operated above the minimum requirements of 850 ֯C and two seconds residence time required by the WID. This has a major positive impact on CAPEX and OPEX.

John Bell, Managing Director at GreenMine, said: “Stopford’s extensive experience, engineering know-how, and focus on developing a sustainable, low-carbon world, has been highly beneficial throughout this process, and we’re very pleased with the outcome of the validation project.

“With our first UK site secured, this is a really exciting time for our business. The plant is compact and modular in construction, enabling multiple units to be built and supplied for increased capacity as and when required, so we’re looking forward to deploying and expanding this ground-breaking solution to remove the reliance on landfill sites to make way for sustainable urban living.”

About GreenMine

Founded in 2021, GreenMine is a UK-based co-developer of a waste carbonisation system that can recycle and process waste, including plastics, or create valuable offtakes and/or generate heat or electricity – reducing emissions through recycling and creating low-emission power.

Its innovative technology for the carbonisation of municipal solid waste is to set a new benchmark in the waste industry by enabling the mining, cleaning and repurposing of landfill sites for positive re-development.

Find out more at GreenMine.World and leave your details to register for regular updates by email and follow GreenMine on LinkedIn for company news. 

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