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New grant funding adviser joins the team

We’re excited to announce that Colm Macqueen has joined the team at 350PPM.

As a keen supporter of initiatives and innovation for sustainable development, Colm will be helping our clients access government grants and funding from related institutions.

He said: “We are aiming to secure Innovate UK Smart Grants for our portfolio of climate tech pioneers. Our clients, offering solutions in battery energy storage systems/solar, waste carbonisation, heat storage/cooling, tidal and low-energy catalysed fusion, are prime contenders for this, and similar funding. A successful collaboration with government bodies will also amplify our startups’ credibility among private investors, VCs, family offices and institutional funds. With the backing of 350PPM’s exceptional team, I am honoured to play a role in the critical cause of decarbonisation.”

Colm has extensive experience with green and environmental technologies through his work as a multilingual translation professional specialising in intellectual property, patents, technical subjects, and sustainability.

His background spans various countries and industries, including recycling, finance, tourism, education, telecommunications, and software, where he has successfully supported business development, sales and growth.

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