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GreenMine is the new trading name for Pyrolysise

GreenMine, the new trading name of Pyrolysise Ltd, is gaining significant traction.

GreenMine has co-developed a series of technologies designed for processing unsorted municipal waste (including plastics) from kerbside collection and landfill sites. One of them is detailed here.

Municipal waste is a significant contributor to atmospheric pollution with landfill accounting for 4% of greenhouse gases in the UK. Landfills can also contaminate water supply through leachate into the subsoil.

With GreenMine’s technology, unsorted waste can be processed into bio-coal (allowing energy generation), bio-char (the new black gold), bio-oil (including lignin) and recyclables (glass, metals, minerals etc). Green baseload power and as a by-product, heat for municipal heating systems can also be produced.

The bi-product offtakes from waste processing are an increasingly profitable growing market. GreenMine intends to add value by mining municipal waste from capped landfill sites and reclaiming the redundant land for residential, industrial or leisure amenities.

A promotional video for GreenMine is here, with a focus on one of our initial sites and our consulting engineers, Stopfords.

For further information and to participate in GreenMine’s weekly “Meet the Team”, please register here. The GreenMine team will make the necessary arrangements.

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