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GreenMine secures first waste carbonisation site in Wales

UK-based waste carbonisation business, GreenMine, has secured its first operational site – an industrial location in North Wales.

It will take control of the two-acre industrial site from the start of March and has already commenced planning and environmental permitting applications that are anticipated to conclude by the end of 2024.

The site has a 20-year lease, with a 20-year feedstock contract and an offtake contract to the National Grid.

John Bell, Managing Director at GreenMine said: “This is a really significant milestone for us in commercialising this near-to-zero emissions solution to landfill for the UK.

We expect to initiate manufacturing of the first waste carbonisation unit late February with a 6 months delivery time  for installation and commissioning, operation ready September  2024.

“Our mission goes way beyond the usual benefits of a waste recycling process – we’re aiming to remove the reliance on landfill sites and create sustainable urban living that aesthetically blends with local landscapes. Furthermore, our technology is capable of both generating energy and sequestration of carbon.”

About GreenMine

Founded in 2021, GreenMine is a UK-based co-developer of three different waste processing systems that can recycle and process waste, including plastics, or create valuable offtakes and/or generate heat or electricity – reducing emissions through recycling and creating low-emission power.

Its innovative technology for the carbonisation of municipal solid waste is set to revolutionise the waste industry by enabling the mining, cleaning and repurposing of landfill sites for positive re-development.

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