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Green Hydrogen Energy Storage – A Game Changer

Green Hydrogen Energy Storage, now considered leading technology for energy storage.  Considerably more efficient and cost effective than lithium battery storage.

Storelectric, another success story from 350 PPM’s portfolio, presents a game changer patent for Green Hydrogen Energy Storage. Specifically, the patent combines 3 sources of existing vectors of energy. It brings together renewable electricity, green hydrogen and industrial waste heat in a new way. This allows hydrogen storage at a global scale. Not to mention the elimination of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the technology makes use of the disused, stranded assets of the fossil fuel and plastics industries. In this way, two polluting industries can repurpose their assets to tackle climate change.

To see details of the genuine patent and the technical summary see below:

Genuine Hydrogen Patent
Hydrogen Patent – Technical Executive Summary

The patent solves 3 major problems that are holding back the move to a net zero economy:

First, a lack of green energy storage at a scale and duration that will compensate for seasonal imbalances in the supply and demand. That’s to say, from weather dependent sources such as wind and solar.  Second, a method of producing green hydrogen 100% efficiently and storing it at scale. Third, improving the efficiency of industrial processes, without adopting completely new technology.

Subsequently, a leading global law firm has shown interest in taking Storelectric to market via a SPAC (special purpose acquisition vehicle).  Put simply this allows a company to raise capital through a reverse IPO. These have become very popular in the US.  Storelectric are looking to raise circa $100 million, creating a potential value of $1 billion this year. If you would like an introduction to Storelectric or any other 350 PPM portfolio companies, then please click the register button below.

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