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Your Guide to Profiting from The Paris Agreement

Nicholas Dimmock, Director of Investor Relations here at 350 PPM, has been hard at work.  He has created a new guide to profiting from the Paris Agreement.  Download it at the following link:

Your Guide to Profiting from The Paris Agreement

Below is an extract from the guide….

Have you had your
Environmental Epiphany, yet?

When I arrived at 7.30 AM for my first day on Tullett Prebon’ s Emissions Trading Desk in
August 2007, fresh from completing my Executive MBA, I fully expected to spend the rest
of my career there. By 9 AM, my plans had changed as I realised the scale and scope of
the opportunity I was facing.

The purpose of this report is to provide to you the same sort of epiphany that I
experienced on my first day at Tullett Prebon.

The pre-conceived notion that the environmental sector is the preserve of Philanthropists,
Venture Philanthropists, Environmentalists and hippy throwbacks from the 70’s is now
completely out of date. This is because, the need is now urgent; the Treaties, Structures
and Incentives are now in place; and the opportunities for individual investors to profit
very significantly (in my opinion), from The Paris Agreement currently abound.

This can be verified by the increases in Net Asset Value of the shares of companies we
financed last year: Solar 350 has increased in value from £2.50 at inception to £24 today,
and Storelectric has increased from £24.75 to £115 today.

In fact, I am going to make the case, that the environmental revolution is now underway
and will herald in the largest mobilisation of finance relative to Global GDP that the world
has ever seen.

To continue reading, please download the report using the above link.