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Sector Research – Energy from Waste

Author:  Alex Colvill, Head of Research 350 PPM

350 PPM is now raising money for Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd, a UK company developing multiple Waste to Energy plants in the UK and abroad.

The sector background relevant to this company is covered in our new research report which can be download here:

Sector Research: Energy From Waste




Worldwide government policy is increasingly influenced by the linked premises that our planet
is undergoing potentially catastrophic warming and that its resources are finite and should
therefore be used as efficiently as possible. As a result, many countries are transitioning from
linear take-make-dispose resource models to more sustainable cycles in which resources are
recycled at end-of-life or, if this is not feasible, converted to energy. Creating Energy from
Waste (EfW) addresses these two premises simultaneously: dealing with non-reusable and
non-recyclable waste sustainably; generating reliable, decentralised and low carbon energy.
In this report, we introduce EfW and briefly assess its market potential in the UK and

To carry on reading, please download the report using the above link.

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