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Updates from Solar 350, PAPA One, Pyrolysise & Slate for Q4 2022 – 2nd September 2022

Dear All

Please find below the company updates for this week:

Solar 350 & PAPA One:

Luis Novella and Adam Smith continue to manage the Company as directors of PAPA One Ltd. Solar 350 Ltd owns circa 70% of PAPA One Ltd.

Report begins: 

In the June 2022 Mexican mid-term elections, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the ruling Morena party lost their supermajority. As a result, there were insufficient votes to amend the Mexican constitution and the regulations concerning the country’s electric sector. In very simple terms, this means that the energy market in Mexico will not be renationalised.

Campeche Project Update:

Our relationship with our Spanish partner continues to strengthen and to work efficiently. The project team has successfully driven the project development forward and completed the next significant milestone in the permitting process. This marks a key stage in the project’s progress up to the ready-to-build (RTB) stage. The majority of the permits and licenses have either been obtained or are imminent, with the exception of the interconnection permit. 

We will continue to engage cautiously with specialist investors but will hold back on formal marketing efforts until we have more information on the interconnection application from CFE. As is standard for the sale of power projects, we will seek heads of terms that will provide a framework for the sale and/or finance of the project with a view to receiving a cash payment that can ultimately be distributed from the Company’s reserves. 

You can access the full update below:

For further information on Solar 350 & PAPA One, please reply to this email or email:


The directors of Pyrolysise have visited South America again to meet with a number of  engineering companies that we are considering to manufacture the Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCPs), along with those that maybe able to manufacture the hospital waste incinerators or HCW.

One engineering company has an operational HCW (Health Care Waste) plant that can reach a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees in the first chamber and 1200 degrees (Celsius) in the second chamber, complying with EU and UK’s legislation. Steel, metals and glasses comes out of the process fully clean and sterilized and can be commercialized or disposed of accordingly.

One of the engineering companies is implementing a second unit of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) plant of thermodegradation using “second generation” integrated technology.

The following was discussed in the meetings:

  • To construct and test an experimental thermodegradation plant unit for MSW, with a capacity of 1000 tonne/hour which is to be used as Pyrolysise’s pilot project. We are still finding this slightly hard to believe, but this is a true landfill chomping and clearing innovation.
  • Proposal to manufacture more thermodegradation plants
  • Proposal to manufacture two Hospital and hazardous Waste plants for Pyrolysise.
  • Proposal to expand Pyrolysise’s operations in India.

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Slate for Q4 2022:

We are working with two more companies which we anticipate will launch their funding rounds in Q4 of 2022.

Megawatt Mosaic:

Megawatt Mosaic (MW Mosaic) is an environmental research consultancy and developer which is involved in the identification, research and completion of initial studies on suitable locations for battery storage and solar sites across Southern Europe. MW Mosaic Ltd has been formed to supercharge renewables and environmental development.

MW Mosaic is planning 2825 MW of battery storage in southern Europe by the end of 2025 & targeting a raise of £5.75 million. For further information please reply to this email or email:

TEDD Group:

TEDD (Tidal Energy & Defence Development) has been formed to aggregate, develop and deliver tidal energy and tidal defence projects around the UK. TEDD would benefit the United Kingdom in energy security and tidal and coastal erosion defences.

TEDD Group is planning 17MW of installed Tidal Capacity meaning 30GW hours of power for the UK & is targeting a raise of £12.5 million for pre-construction development of such sites. For further information, please reply to this email or email:

Yours Sincerely,

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

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