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Home » September Update from Organic Heat Exchangers & Megawatt Funding Round Launched – 30th September 2022

September Update from Organic Heat Exchangers & Megawatt Funding Round Launched – 30th September 2022

Dear All

As an advance disclosure, 350 PPM owns shares in all of the businesses detailed below:

Organic Heat Exchangers:

350 PPM is now heading up the early stage marketing on behalf of O-Hx. We are contacting Sustainability Directors in one of the six targeted industries across the world and sending them our EnergiVault Marketing Proposal. On the back of this we are hopeful they will book a site assessment and we can work out where there is greatest demand. Geoff Barker handles the enquiries and runs a provisional study to ascertain carbon and financial savings, hopefully leading to some orders. The investor update and the marketing document can be downloaded by clicking below:

From 1st of January 2023, the Commercial Demonstrator comes on line, and publishes Emission Reductions and Financial Savings on the web and we start taking deposits for serial numbers. It’s basically the Tesla MO – pay a deposit now, say 20K and you reserve EnergiVault 000005/6/7 etc, to be delivered as soon as we are able. Target by end of Q1 is to have manufacturing counterparties appointed around the world that can manufacture EnergiVaults.  

We are targeting Series A Raise as per the Information Memorandum in Q2 2023 @ £1.29 per share. As the first round was placed at £0.08, we are all doing rather well at the moment. Of course we cannot get complacent and we will need some orders to achieve this valuation, but I think we can do this through the above Tesla M.O (sell the serial numbers in exchange for a deposit) and by then we will have the results of the commercial demonstrator, which I am told will be exceptionally good.

For further information on O-Hx please click below:

Megawatt Mosaic Ltd:

We have launched a funding campaign for Megawatt Mosaic Ltd (; a European BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) and Solar Developer, and we are running through the same gears as O-Hx – lead investors into a crowdcube raise – 750k to 1 Mill. You are welcome to register your interest and receive an IM here:

Fundamentally, 1 MWh of energy storage is needed for every 3MWh of renewables, and while the UK has been installing a lot of BESS, Europe has been lagging and some locations are in crisis. In addition, the common assumption was that batteries would do the frequency response, balancing and short term price arbitrage; gas peakers/CCGT would handle 30 mins to 4 hours; utilility scale energy storage would handle days and weeks, and potentially in years to come, hydrogen would handle seasonal storage. As it is, gas peakers have never taken off for various reasons and thus, Battery Energy Storage Systems are extending their reach.

With Megawatt Mosaic, the objective is to blaze a trail through battery development through provision of early stage studies: Grid/Environmental/Archelogical and then develop, arrange construction and hopefully manage the sites for third parties. SEIS / EIS has been applied for and we have been advised we will qualify as it’s a trade we are conducting on behalf of third parties.  Similar valuation trajectory to O-Hx.

As 350 PPM doesn’t have a salesforce, and we spend our time working within client companies, if you do want to join our referral program please don’t hesitate to join below as word of mouth really helps: 

If you’d like to book a call with me to discuss further please find a spot here: 

Your wecome to reply to this email of course, but first deals are coming through now, so if your looking for the SEIS, please act now.

For Further Information on Megawatt Mosaic Ltd please register here:

Yours Sincerely,

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

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