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Pyrolysise Launch Fundraise, Release IM and Video to Finance Waste Carbonisation Technology

News from Pyrolysise Ltd, that 350 PPM has been working with since May 2021:


Pyrolysise aims to revolutionise waste processing and clean and redevelop landfills though co-development of Carbonisation technology which can process unsorted waste, emissions and particulate free.

The process creates offtakes of: Bio-Coal, Bio-Char, Bio-Oil and Mineral Recyclables in proportions dependent on the inputs. One WCP (Waste Carbonisation Plant) is in operation now, which processes 10% Municipal Solid Waste and 90% Plastic, yet the WCP’s can be adapted for all waste types.

Plastic processing will be an interesting development in the UK as subsidies are expected to be between £200-300 per ton, above the existing gatefee of £90 per ton, and the opportunity to mine, process and clean landfills for redevelopment as housing also represents substancial opportunity.

To Watch a short film, featuring Key Team Members, a proposed waste site for a WCP and their Engineering Consultants: Stoppards: Just click below: 

To download Pyrolysise’s IM click here: 

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

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