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O-Hx Product Launch, MM Raising £50M, ENG8 VC £10M Raise at £100M Valuation

Please see below update on some of the 350 PPM Incubated Opps we are working with:

Generally, for product launches, if you offer free alcohol, canapes, somewhere salubrious in London on a Thursday night, people will flock to the opening of a fridge. Organic Heat Exchangers reversed this and launched EnergiVault (Cool Net Zero), on a Monday, in Alwick (100 miles from Edinburgh), with no alcohol, during the day, and amazingly, achieved a full house including many members of the press who had travelled 200 miles.

EnergiVault is a hybrid cooling and energy storage device. Cooling represents circa 20% of global energy consumption and circa 10% of global emissions. It now has to be accepted that EnergiVault is a gamechanger. Its also patented around the world.

MM will move into profitability this year in its first year of trading.

Along with our partners, Megawatt Mosaic has analysed 744 Italian substations. As of 1 April 2023, we have 1.37GWn in grid capacity request, of which 882MWn is grid authorised.

MM is now diversifying into other markets, to bring BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) to other grid networks with mosaics of power generation planned, and coming online, especially wind.

MM is fully funded, but we are now raising 50M from institutional investors into SPV’s to increase the scale and scope of development. We anticipate funding MM again in Q1 2024 at a valuation of 50M plus.

ENG8 (who has developed a Low Energy Catalysed Fusion device, called the EnergiCell), is still open to pre-seed investment.

The EnergiCell has been in development since 2011 and has demonstrated a COP (Coefficent of Performance of 1.9) validated by Instito Electrotechnico Portugues

On Monday, we will be launching a VC raise of 10M at a valuation of 100M, while investors can still access the pre-seed raise at circa 20M.

For further information and to receive an IM please contact ENG8 direct:

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

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