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ENG8 (International) Ltd – Catalyzed Fusion Achieves Q Value of 2.4 Thermal and 2.0 Electricity

Update from ENG8 below: We have just released their latest video featuring testing by:  

An Independent Validator

It is a not-for-profit organization whose goods are to establish, maintain, and operate laboratories for the investigation of materials, devices, products equipment, constructions, methods, and systems with respect to hazards affecting life and property).

In short, it’s one of the largest testing and certification entity, and;

IEP Grupo ( – Headquartered in Portugal

The IEP is a technological infrastructure group that supports business fabric, with relevant activities in the areas of Inspection, Laboratory and Metrological Tests, Sustainability and Energy, Consultancy and Training.

The summary from the tests (provisionally, as we don’t have the full reports yet) is that the Thermal Energicell achieved a Q Value of 2.4 (1 unit electrical energy in – 2.4 units of heat energy out); useful for heating to state the obvious, and the E – E (electricity to electricity) Energicell achieved a Q value of 2, although this was an earlier model, as the most recent one was damaged in transit, which should do 5.

There is one more design which is the AIRCELL, which we have not tested directly, which with a modified gas loop should achieve Q value of 6 across heat and electricity and should be enough for a house plus electric car (10kW estimated).

For further information, please click below:

Moving forward: The ENG8 PR Machine is now operating and the first articles have started hitting industry press (Electrifying developments at ENG8 – PES – Power & Energy Solution). Shortly we will start promoting an Institutional Raise for £10M in order to develop our Energicells ino circa 10 kW CHP systems suitable for Industrial and Domestic use.

For and on behalf of ENG8 (International) Ltd

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Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
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