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Investor Update Q1 2023

Dear All

Please find below update on companies we are currently working with:

Organic Heat Exchangers:

O-Hx is the inventor of EnergiVault; a hybrid cooling and Cold Energy Storage System, that can reduce the costs and carbon emissions of industrial cooling by up to 80%. Energivault is being officially launched on the 15th and then the push for commercial sales starts, assisted by real world savings which will be beamed directly to our website.

Overall, we are 6 months behind where we should be but delays in small company development are to be expected. For investors, O-Hx has just funded at £0.32, a 400% increase in price on our Q1 2021 funding round and we anticipate funding at £1.52 in Q1 2024. I strongly believe the product will work magnificently, and while we have validated a lifetime cost of 50% of Lithium Ion Batteries, with a coolling system for free, I actually think as the data starts to come in, it will be more like 20% of LCOE.

We are in discussions with licencees to manufacture and distribute EnergIVaults throughout the world and our immediate aim is to sell 10 Energivaults in the next 12 months. Just to explain the EnergiVault technology – the organic heat exchanger we use coats ice sphere’s with a nanotech wrapper, stopping larger ice blocks building up – this gives huge increases in surface area. The liquid ice we create is then stored in a 20,000 litre tank which can then be called on for use at times when electricity prices are high or extortionate. Obviously, you charge the system when prices are low and improvements in material science and insultation, mean losses to ambient temp are small.

In short, its fully patented and utilisises the latest proven technologies to create a product which can provide cool net zero for users.

Introducer commissions are available for introductions that lead to a sale of EnergiVault. For further information please contact:


There are two principal problems with waste management at present: the first is NIMBY (not in my backyard) and the second is Landfills (yes, these septic dumps full of nasty waste).

Pyrolysise aims to solve both problems with development of the most environmental, zero gaseous emissions, zero particulate emissions and zero PFA emissions (PFA’s are forever chemicals).

Through solving the above we can sell waste to energy / waste to fuel systems worldwide and landfill mine, clean and redevelop landfills throughout the world, many of which once processed and cleaned, will present prime real estate opportunities for offgrid housing developments.

Pyrolysise has battled significant head winds, as all start ups do, but recent developments have brought us closer to our goal, which technology developments that can not only deal with low volume hazardous waste, but also high volume waste.

Further updates will be provided in the next couple of months, but things are going well.

Megawatt Mosaic:

We have been very lucky with timing our entry to BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) Development and with the counterparties we have partnered with.

Ironically, the environmentalists have pushed energy generation offshore and offshore wind is the major energy generation winner throughout Europe. As a rule of thumb, grids needs 1 GW of Energy Storage for every 3 GW of Wind, and the GW’s of offshore wind in development now are truly unbelievable: By 2030, Europe will have about 1,236.00 GWn of renewables, principally Wind onshore and offshore and Solar PV. When I started in this industry WEGs were 0.5 / 1 MW, now the largest is 15 MW. It is phenomenal.

As we know, wind is exceptionally intermittent and unpredictable and hence huge volatility in prices and the normal voltage mistmatch problems, leading to an immediate and urgent requirement for BESS.  All of this provides a desperate need and opportunity for BESS.

Megawatt Mosaic and partners have analysed 744 Italian substations. As of 1 April 2023, we have 1.37GWn in grid capacity request, of which 882MWn is grid authorised. We plan to develop the best sites, sell these on at ready to build and expand into other European locations.

To view our offer document which is available to professional investors only please click below:

Introducer commissions are available to Introductions that lead to investment: Please contact

ENG8 (International) Ltd:

The current state of the fusion industry demonstrates the paradoxes of unlimited resources and the valuation trap. The unlimited resources lead to overambition and shooting for the stars (whereas its a lot easier to walk up the hills) and the valuation trap dictates that once you have set out your ambitions and raised money against them, its very difficult to back down and have a “down round”.

ENG8’s team and engineers and Phd’s have however taken a different approach: one of necessity; get something working today. As of today, ENG8 is the only legitimate fusion company that has demonstrated a COP of 1.9. This is one unit of energy in to get things going and then 1.9 units out through their Low Energy Catalysed Fusion (LECF) process, that occurs with their energy cells.

The next 6 months should see them relocate some additional team members to Porto, in Portugal, increase power output from the Energicell to a COP of between 5-10 and integrate the EnergiCell into a 100Kw Combined Heat and Power unit which should be roughly the size of a small dishwasher. Longer term, larger and smaller Energicells will be produced.

You can download the independent validation report here:

How we play this going forward is very much up for discussion with the founders. Either promote hugely and achieve vast increases in valuations or carry on on the same path, start manufacture in install Heat generating Energicells in local industry, such as ceramics, glass and steel manufacture.

For further information on ENG8 and they’re invention: EnergiCell please register for an information memorandum here:

That’s all folks for this quarter. Please come back to me by replying to this email with any questions.

Yours Sincerely,

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

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