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Electric Cars: This Will Make You Chuckle

Have just been sent this by a friend of mine and it made me laugh so I am reposting.

Just to be clear I am not a fan of electric cars with the exception of a town car runabout, at which point a small electric car makes perfect sense.

Here’s why: the standard small car battery holds 30 Kilowatt Hours (KWh). A “house” battery pack is 6 KWh.

Estimatations of household use vary from 6 KWh per day to 15 KWh. And some electricity tariffs offer an overnight rate of 6 pence per KWh and daytime of 36 pence per KWh.

Charge your small electric car overnight and then run the house off it as much as possible the following day – logical, good deal, helps the grid.

Below is what your up against if you choose a electric car as your main vehicle – its absurd and if your looking for the lowest cost emission reductions per USD invested, which we should be to fight climate change, absolutely mad.  

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