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350 PPM: Winner of Best Environmental Incubator 2021 and Happy New Year To All

Dear 350 PPM Follower / Subscriber / Investor / Reader,

We are writing to you because at some point you have requested information from us on Environmental / ESG Investments or we have made introductions to participating environmental companies on your behalf – you may then have subsequently invested.

Please note, all of the companies that we introduce, have their own investor relations teams, which are specially trained on the company, its developments and prospects. If we introduce you to any of these businesses, we gain an introduction fee, which pays wages and finances our research, which you can view here for free: FREE of Charge or Obligation.

All information provided for information only.
If you do wish to forward this email onto friends and colleagues, you may wish to sign an Introducer Agreement first. If you do so, their will be an introducer Success Fee paid to you, in shares by the specific raising company that is invested in. This will not affect the Introducer Fees paid by the company, it will just affect, who receives the benefit.
The legal justification for this is in the raising agreement and it is an approved method as per the Financial Conduct Authority of The United Kingdom. Further details at the end of the email or contact for further information.

350 PPM LTD 

350 PPM has won Best Environmental Incubator 2021:


350 PPM Ltd is an environmental incubator and business accelerator.

Below is some of my reasoning for changing the way 350 PPM operates. I will write again in early January to provide you with a full update on the success of the businesses we have worked with so far.

Because I know I need to grab your attention, I have tried to keep it relatively interesting. There are however some very salient points:


I came through the junior rowing scheme with such legends as 4 time Olympic Gold Medallist, Matthew Pinsent and other Olympic gold medallists such as Tim Foster, Jonny and Greg Searle and a few others. I rowed with them all. But my father wanted to get me into business and I wasn’t really tall enough.

Effectively, part of the UK’s Olympic resurgence in rowing started with my School Master, Martin Cross, winning Gold with legends like Budgett, Holmes and Redgrave on Lake Casitas, California in 1984. Steve Gunn, my biology teacher then implemented the Olympic Training Program at my school (newly private much to my father annoyance) and the system and culture he implemented, then allowed us to win pretty much everything for the next 5 years. So that’s the triple twice (all major events) and The Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley Royal Regatta in 85,86, 88 and 89. The ex-Hampton rowers then went to Molesey Boat Club and created a rival to Nautilus, which was the National Squad, and vicious competition created success which paved the way for the Jurgen Groblar era.

I rowed with Jonny Searly in 87 and was probably responsible for us loosing at Henley Royal Regatta (I was only 15). I  was probably responsible for us winning in 88, and God was responsible for us winning in 89, as the Eton strokeman’s blade (oar) came out of his gate (rowlock) when they were 2 lengths ahead and we rowed through to win.

The icing on the cake for Hampton Grammar School’s success was Greg and Jonny winning Coxed Pair on Lake Banyoles at The Barcelona Olympics in one of the greatest races ever. Effectively, they came from 5 lengths or 18 seconds down to win by 1.5 seconds. You can watch Greg’s version of events here or probably find the original full race somewhere: He has dined out on this race ever since. Still raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

The 88 Crew also Won Hampton’s Greatest Hampton Sporting Moment via a Linkedin Pole / Vote in 2020: against the football team, which had just won the schools championship. The pole / vote, was really organised for them to win.
You can see me in the older videos, but I didn’t do any of the new interviews. I was asleep at the time, as i had stayed up most of the night with Aleem our Tech guy, hiring most of Karachi to vote for us on Linkedin and ensuring we won. Alls fair in love, war and business after all.
But the point is it was the system and culture that created the wins. The system and culture is now what I need to focus on in 350 PPM Ltd.
No one is going to let you win:

In the pre-race interview back in 1992: Jonny Searle stated that “we know they are not going to just let us win”. Jonny and Greg were 19 and 21 and 13 (82kgs) and 14 stone (88Kgs) versus the Abagnale brothers from Italy that had won the last two Olympics and were 6.4 (195 cms) and 15 stone per man (95kgs).
The point is that it is the same of all these companies we are working with. No one is just going to let them win. No one is going to just let them romp away to £100 Million Valuations and become multimillionaires overnight. Competitors will do anything to take their glory, individuals will try and take control of their business once its successful and everyone apart from us, their shareholders and obviously them and their closest family wants them to fail.
And accordingly, they have to make their way, through the first 3 years of operations where  their valuation should rise most rapidly, but keeping going in blind faith, rather like Jonny and Greg did when they were 18 seconds behind, knowing that at some point their IP, assets and competence will intersect with increases in aggregate demand for their products and services, and knowing that if they take their opportunities to secure business, possibly on unfavourable terms initially, they will catch the metaphorical wave, and become a huge success.
Once they get their first deal done, everything becomes a lot easier. It was the same for me with Carbon 350 Ltd; 2 years in, after all the money had run out and I didn’t even have the tube fare to get to meetings, I stopped dreaming about being a billionaire in a year and just did some business with an Indian Composting Project and sold it to Conoco Inc, the oil major. 3 more projects followed and before we knew it we’d done circa 50 including a 1500 MW Hydro in Ecuador.
But it was that shi**y composting project in India that got things moving. These guys need to go through hell, as I did. But the conventional wisdom on trips through hell, is that if your going through hell, keep going.

Now I have had a chance to reflect on 350 PPM’s growth and success, it is evident that I have been preoccupied with chasing revenue, profits, increasing the headcount and getting big fast. Of course, the pursuit of these merits move us further away from going bust and supposedly further towards security for me and the business.
And we have done pretty well, recording profits / losses to November 31 each year of +£145,000, -£27,000, +£390,000, -£180,000. However, going forward, I intend to focus on the 2nd degree success facilitators. Creating a culture and system of brilliance and having the faith to let everything else just happen. I know its counter intuitive, but it’s the same as the Microsoft Paradox when Steve Bulmer took over. Bill focused on brilliance, Steve focused on revenue and profits and this led them into a 20 year period of malaise. To Nov 22, utilising all the changes and improvements, which I will take you through next time, I expect profits of at least 600k.
In fact, it’s the same with rowing, focus on winning, even think about winning and you’ll lose. Focus on going as fast as you can and producing your best and you’ll optimise your results. Of course in the back of my mind, my objective is to turn 350 PPM into a 100M GBP business and for that I need great figures, but I can not obsess about the end game. It’s similar for Uber, Hubspot and Wework. They focused on figures and getting big fast and if you read their books, you’ll see the wastage, excess and chaos. Amazon has an amazing system and culture, just like Apple did, and they create astounding sustainable growth.
So the first step for 350 PPM is not being a slave to potential insolvency. For this, I have reduced our headcount by circa 60% and our wage bill by circa 70%. I do not need to be forced or rushed into things because of my need to stay solvent and with our existing team, the team now, I have everything I need.
Just like the fantastic 4, or 6 as in our situation.
More Innovations and Changes: 
The other 9 innovations and changes to the way that we are going to work in 2022 are detailed in our 2022 promotional video and our Information Memorandum, but the main thing that existing and new investors in 350 PPM should know, is that we survive on Introducer Fees, Expand on 350 PPM Equity Sales, and Make Millions if the businesses we back and work within are successful.
As such, our objectives are aligned to the investors and the companies we work with. This is the way it should be. Complete alignment of objectives. Everybody in the same boat, everybody pulling in the same direction, complete unity of purpose.
350 PPM is still raising funding so if you’d like to look at our Information Memorandum please just click below, or book a call with me for the new year or email me:

Request our Information Memorandum: Click Here
Book a Call with me: Click Here
Email me: Click Here

Please enjoy our highlights from 2017 to 2021 and will be back with our innovations in early January: 

350 PPM Highlights Video: Click Here
You can find links to the books I have mentioned below. They are all great business books. None of this 15 things you should do before breakfast to be a Billionaire or this Think and Grow Rich rubbish. Great stories with which you can form your own view. All are brilliant reads. Hope you enjoy.

WeWork: Billion Dollar Loser: Click Here
Amazon Unbound: Click Here
Hubspot: Click Here
Uber: Click Here
Apple: Click Here
Kind regards
Nick Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director

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