350 PPM Video – at The Sustainable and Social Investing Conference 2019
Nick Dimmock at SSIC

350 PPM Video – at The Sustainable and Social Investing Conference 2019

Nick Dimmock, Director and 350 PPM Board Representative and Michael Potter 350 PPM Chairman, present the latest video from 350 PPM.  Direct from the Sustainable and Social Investing Conference 2019 in Hammersmith, London.

350 PPM have been helped along this year with the Paris Agreement coming into force.   As well as winning an award from SME News for Best Climate Change Solution Provider 2019 and “Most Outstanding in Green Investments”.  

Climate change is an issue, which is not going away and it is all about reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. 

Article 6 – The Paris Agreement

A direct subsidy, which is going to incentivise future emissions, basically a direct injection of cash into projects that can reduce the amount of emissions, in addition to what they get already from electricity sales.  This is going to be fantastic for all the project developers that 350 PPM is consulting with at the moment.  

Appointment of The Board

There are positive developments including the appointment of a new board.  Specifically Michael Potter (lawyer, barrister) and Jon Marriott (entrepreneur, involved in the sale of 2 businesses).

350 PPM is attracting talent that can take us to the next level.

Development of a New Electronic Asset

Defined Exit Milestone Crowdfunding from 350 PPM Ltd.

This is a web-based platform allowing investors to lend environmental projects in the pre-construction development stage. 350 PPM are using this platform to fund a lot of the early stage pre-construction development of environmental projects from around the world.

For Storelectric, PAPA ONE, WES and PGP (Plastic Green Power) 2020 promises to be the best year ever.

“The lovely thing about project development is that at every stage you revalue the assert dependent on where it is in the value chain..”

“… very excited and very much looking forward to being an integral part of this environmental revolution.

Email: info@350ppm.co.uk

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