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Home » 350 PPM Updates: Pyrolysise Identifies Second Site, O-Hx Releases EnergiVault, 350 PPM adds to Dream Team

350 PPM Updates: Pyrolysise Identifies Second Site, O-Hx Releases EnergiVault, 350 PPM adds to Dream Team

Dear All,

Please see below for the latest updates from our client companies.


  • Pyrolysise has identified a second site for installation of its Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCP’s).
  • The WCP’s can process unsorted waste, emissions and particle pollutants free, producing offtakes: Mineral Recyclables, Bio-Coal, Bio-Char and Bio-Oil.
  • For these sites and others, we will be working with counterparties on site to utilise the Bio-Coal to develop baseload green energy and export to the grid.
  • The mineral recyclables, bio-char and bio-oils will be sold off separately. One WCP, lease financed for circa £5M, will develop revenues of circa £290K per month.
  • One WCP, which is based overseas, is currently processing 10% Municipal Solid Waste and 90% Plastic – which means we are well placed when plastic subsidies arrive.

Here’s the Pyrolysise’s video:

Register for an IM below if your interested in having a look: 

Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd

  • O-Hx has released Energivaults 000002 to 000010 and 350 PPM is offering a £10,000 commission for introductions that lead to sales*.
  • The Energivault Cold Battery holds up to 1.5 MWh of cold charge and can reduce cooling costs, decarbonise cooling and add resilience against temperature squeezes. On a standard variable tariff, users will reduce their electricity bill by 75%, and if you have your own renewables, you can fully decarbonise you’re cooling and reduce cooling costs to circa zero.
  • We are selling the serial numbers for deposits of £30,000, the same way Tesla originally sold the Teslas.  This will give us an idea of the manufacturing problem we are solving now. But in short: for a deposit of £30,000 any CEO can make preparations for Cool Net Zero, mention this in his annual report and become a climate champion.
  • Energivault’s cold battery can plug into any existing chiller configuration. Our focus is on food and drink manufacturers, retailers, datacentres, pharmaceutical, chemicals, plastics and oil and gas.

Please forward the video below to any interested parties.

*An introduction is considered to be an introduction when you facilitate an introduction to the decision maker in a company, they engage and go onto purchase an Energivault. 

350 PPM Ltd

350 PPM has added to its team with two new key hires:

Dr Jacqui Taylor. As one of the Top 100 European Angel Funders, she has mentored many hundreds of 7,8,9 figure founders including three unicorns, one on their way to decacorn. She is an Expert Advisor to the UK, EU, G20 and the United Nations on the future of technology and its impact on the sustainability agenda. As a high-level climate leader, recognised by the UN for the delivery Net Zero 2030 plan, she works with Fortune 500 clients to accelerate and implement their climate commitments. 

Colm Macqueen. Colm has extensive experience of green and environmental inventions through his work as a multilingual translation professional specialising in intellectual property (IP) and marketing since 2015. He is a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and provides language services both as a freelancer and agency owner. 

That’s all for now.

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

ABOUT 350 PPM LTD 350 PPM LTD is an incubator and accelerator for early-stage companies operating in the clean energy and environmental protection sectors. Working from within our clients companies we deliver a wide range of services to support and drive their business growth. Our team of 7 becomes part of their team, aligning our objectives to ensure can provide maximum guidance and expertise to achieve their business goals. 

Our services

Securing funding from a wide range of investors at key stages; this will include angel investors, family offices, venture capital funds, and institutional investors.
Providing input on developing business plans.
Preparing Information Memoranda and other marketing material to support the fund raising.
Sales, marketing, and PR campaigns to increase exposure of our clients with key audiences and other stakeholders.
Accountancy and financial management.
Ulilising our established networks to recommend suitable professional service providers such as accountants and lawyers.
Acting as interim directors on client boards.
Setting up boards of directors to give direction and provide corporate governance.
Supporting clients with commercial contracts and negotiations with potential partners and suppliers.
Administration of Fundraises including; Subscription Bundles, Trade Ledgers, Shareholder Registers, Client KYC and Transaction Settlement and fullfillment.

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