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350 PPM News: O-Hx releases Series A video and Megawatt Mosaic Pre-Launch Expressions of Interest Now Active

Organic Heat Exchangers have released their Series A video, which is now live on their blog.

O-Hx was the first company that we funded under 350 PPM’s new Marine Corp initiative. This is where the whole PPM team parachute into the target business, adding additional skill sets in fields away from standard engineering, and most importantly, allowing them to get on with their business, while we do the rest. 

Organic Heat Exchangers, with its hybrid cooling and energy storage system, Energivault®, is looking like another winner. Priced at 32p per share in the Series A round creates a paper profit of 400% for investors that invested in the Seed round nine months earlier. 

In other news Megawatt Mosaic is now completing its Seed round and should be going Private Live on Seedrs in the next week or so. I have been looking for a team like Megawatt Mosaic for the last eight years and have been speaking directly with Cedric, the Managing Director, since March 2019. In advance of going private live, we are taking expressions of interest or investors are investing directly. Either is fine.

On Seedrs you can express an interest for any amount with no obligation to proceed. It’s a few easy clicks away and again there is no obligation to proceed, but it helps our optics and gives you the inside track on what’s happening in the business as we now know you’re interested. So please click Access Pitch on Seedrs to express interest or if you wish to absolutely secure your allocation come direct by downloading the Information Memorandum, as many people are doing.

Finally, the proverbial winds of Climate Change mitigation are blowing relatively strongly now and with the demise of Crypto, we anticipate Cleantech and Environmental Project Development taking centre stage for the next decade.

I have been in this sector since 2008, enjoyed the boom years 2008 through to 2012, but finally its happening again.

Kind Regards

Nicholas Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM Ltd

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