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350  brings together companies with a shared vision: Companies committed to reducing the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350 parts of CO2 per million parts air by all commercial means. 350 helps these businesses develop their own commercial solutions to climate change whether through Carbon Abatement, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects or through Technological Development.

Carbon 350 started in 2008 as an independent consultancy providing Carbon Accreditation and Brokerage services to projects that produce emission reductions, reducing the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The projects registered the “emission reductions” with the United Nations (Framework Convention on Climate Change) or appropriate other issuing body, and then subsequently sold on the emission reductions to intermediaries or end users for use within a mandatory Emission Trading Scheme. Today, this is the primary mechanism by which global carbon emissions are managed and reduced.

Over the last five years we have grown into a group of companies that can accredit, broker, develop and build such projects. In the next five years we will operate our own carbon reduction projects and we’re developing innovative new technologies to improve renewable and low carbon energy projects world wide. 350 is represented in the UK, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia.

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350’s mission is to assist by all commercial means in the reduction of atmospheric CO2 to 350 parts of CO2 per million of air and to reduce other green house gases (CO2e) to equivalent levels.

Nick Dimmock – Managing Director

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  • Very good support throughout… keep up the good work

    NJ, Carbon 350 Client
  • Just wanted to say how impressed I am by your regular updates. Things are looking very promising.

    CT, Solar 350 Investor
  • Keep up the good work and let’s hope the world moves to a more responsive position on the role of carbon emissions.

    AF Carbon 350 Client
  • I think Carbon 350 have provided a decent service and represented my interests fairly and I am happy with the service.

    JGP Carbon 350 Client
  • Appreciate you keeping me up to date with developments in this specialised field.

    JL Carbon 350 Client
  • Carbon 350 have been very assiduous in keeping investors up to date regarding the carbon market in general, and potential exit strategies in particular. Well done.

    AF, Carbon 350 Client
  • Nick Dimmock and Carbon 350 have handled all queries in a speedy, responsible and professional manner.

    ADL Carbon 350 Client
  • Thank you for all your communcations and all the efforts to achieve commercial solutions to climate change.

    NDW Carbon 350 Client

Our Focus for 2015

This year Solar 350 is adding projects to the substantial pipeline of solar development sites under the Chilean Super Sol SpA banner. The withdrawal of UK subsidies and retrospective European and global policy changes mean that renewable energy generators, panel manufacturers and financiers are seeking locations demonstrating commercial viability without subsidies. Also, the forthcoming global emissions treaty recognises the contribution renewable energy makes to climate change and we believe our highly commercial projects will become the definitive economic and investment model for the future. Our pipeline and projects are underpinned by joint project development agreements and letters of intent from trusted partners, showing the market is confident that our approach is the right one.

Also in 2015, Carbon 350 will continue to accredit our pipeline of 17 projects, currently undergoing carbon accreditation through the National Development and Reform Commission of China, and continue developing new projects as the new treaty and global demand drives up the commercial value of carbon accreditation. Link: http://en.ndrc.gov.cn/

We’re also developing a new venture, 350 Tech, which is currently investigating a new vertical spindle tidal turbine suitable for deployment in The Thames and feed back from the Majors office has so far been very encouraging – Watch this space!

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Latest News

List of wind, solar winners in Mexico’s auction grows


April 1 - Due to an error in the computer algorithm used in Mexico’s energy auction this week, the results first announced on Tuesday changed and several new names joined the list of winners. Mexico’s National Electricity Control Center (CENACE) yesterday revealed the final list of projects that won the right to sign long-term power supply and clean energy certificates (CEL) contracts with state-owned Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE). Solar power plants to be built by SunPower Systems, Enel Green Power, Recurrent Energy, Vega Solar, JinkoSolar and other companies won a combined 4 TWh of annual power deals. Thus solar

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$2.5trn of global financial assets at risk from climate change

$2.5 trillion of global financial assets are at risk from the effects of climate change, according to a report. The report, produced by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Grantham Research Institute and Vivid Economics, looks at the value at risk (VaR) associated with financial assets should global temperatures increase by 2.5°C by 2100. This warming figure is believed by the report’s authors to be the ‘business-as-usual’ emissions path if all of the commitments made at December’s landmark Paris agreement are implemented. The summit concluded with an agreement to limit global warming to 2°C but the

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Mexico solar capacity to surge 521% this year, says GTM Research

Enel Green Energy

Encouraging PV performance in the country's first Clean Energy Auction prompts GTM to revise its forecast; analysts now expect Mexico to add 646 MW of PV in 2016. Mexico's large-scale solar sector could be transformed this year, forming the bulk of the estimated 646 MW of new PV capacity. Solar PV’s dominance of Mexico’s inaugural Clean Energy Auction – in which it claimed 74% of the contracts offered – has compelled analysts at GTM Research to revise their installation forecasts upwards for 2016 to 646 MW. Last year, Mexico added 104 MW of solar PV, meaning this year’s revised forecast

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Our Companies

Learn more about our work and areas of expertise


Carbon Accreditation Specialists;  since 2008 Carbon 350 has accredited over 11 millions tons of CO2/CO2e across 19 projects through the Clean Development Mechanism & Domestic Accreditation Schemes….


Our renewable energy company; developing solar parks and energy installations in locations most suitable to the specific renewable energy technology and that lead to the highest CO2/CO2e emissions reductions…


Early Development: Creating “Special Purpose Vehicles” (SPVs) majority owned by Investors and utilized for building, owning, operating & exiting from highly commercial, emission reducing Renewable Energy Projects…


Early Development: Assisting in the development of new technologies suitable for worldwide deployment that effectively utilize renewable energy for the highest electrical yield and largest reduction of CO2/CO2e emissions…

Climate Change Resources

Useful background information on our work, the effects of CO2/CO2e levels in the atmosphere, emissions reductions mechanisms and breaking energy & climate change news stories from around the world.

Our Projects

View a breakdown of our emissions reduction projects to see the practical workings of different kinds of carbon reductions from direct Carbon Abatement Projects, to Renewable Energy Projects through to Energy Efficiency Projects, right down to the technology and methodology used to calculate the forecast CO2/CO2e emission reductions.

Learn more

Climate Change & CO2 levels

Our multi-language summary of the impact on rising levels of CO2/CO2e, comparing the climatic impact of different proportions of atmospheric CO2/CO2e to air (measured in parts per million or PPM).

Learn more

Carbon Offsets & Trading Mechanisms

Our multi-language listing of the various Carbon Crediting / Offsetting Schemes and registration mechanisms that we utilize in our emissions reduction projects.

Learn more

Renewable Energy & Carbon Emissions News

    UK Government Names Clean Energy Cabinet Members
    With the UK general election now over and a majority Conservative Party government in place, the re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron has now named key members of the government charged with steering the UK’s clean energy policy over the coming years. ... read more
    Source: Carbon news feedPublished on 2015-05-14

    Countries fail to set shipping climate target
    Countries rejected the opportunity to place a global emissions reduction target on the shipping industry at a meeting of the International Maritime Organisation in London this week. Proposed by the Marshall Islands, this would have been the first time that a cap was placed on the sector, which is projected… ... read more
    Source: Carbon news feedPublished on 2015-05-14

    Solar Market Suffering in Brazil
    The Brazilian real has declined 17 percent since Oct. 31, when more than a gigawatt of solar farms won contracts in the country’s first-ever national solar auction and with the slumping currency driving up import prices, developers are holding off on signing supply deals for PV panels. Manufacturers that were… ... read more
    Source: Carbon news feedPublished on 2015-05-14

    Coast to Coast and Across the Electric System, Microgrids Provide Benefits to All
    At the most obvious level, microgrids could disrupt today’s utilities and their regulated-monopoly business model, because they challenge the centralized paradigm. In a nutshell, microgrids are localized power grids that have the ability to disconnect from the main, centralized grid to operate independently when the main power grid experiences disturbances.… ... read more
    Source: Carbon news feedPublished on 2015-05-14

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