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The Whole Food Value Chain Needs a Complete Rethink: We Cannot Go On Like This

For along time the adverse environmental affects of Food Production and Distribution have been downplayed.

We will be covering this later in a specific Research Report on the subject but for now, 3 Programs from Netflix that will convince you:

Introduction From 350 PPM: The Food Supply Chain From An Environmental Perspective

You no longer need to be a keen environmentalist (not that I am), to work out we are destroying the oceans; its feedstock and its ability to sequester CO2 and CH4. We are also destroying the forests making way for agriculture. At the same time, we continue to toll the soil and then plough it, with both processes giving off billions of tons of CO2 while reducing its nutritional value to crops. At the same time, we spray ammonia-based fertilizers on it and plastic seeps into the water supply and food chain, both of which are poisonous /  carcinogenic to insects, animals and mammals. And, we are still obsessed with meat, which makes us obese and ruins our health and we battery farm everything requiring huge quantities of antibiotics and keeping livestock in inhumane (incowmane?) conditions.

I appreciate this is all a bit dramatic, but if you have any doubt, on a quiet night, have a watch of these:


It summarises that everyone including the farms would be better off using Mixed Farming techniques (a combination of pastoral and arable) with extensive land use rotation. Apparently, it can increase land yield from $1 per acre to $100 per acre and requires no fertilizers.



It summarises that we are destroying the oceans ability to sequester green house gases, over fishing, guilty of barbaric acts and extreme and inefficient wastage. What’s more, we plunder others fish stocks.


The Game Changers:

It investigates how unhealthy meat is and how we would all be better off on a plant based diet.


So, where are the opportunities? Investors seem to like Oatly Milk, which is now worth over 10 Billion USD. Beyond Meat, again over 10 Billion USD is making “plant based meat”. Others are breading insects for us to eat, or trying to make meat in laboratories, and others are developing relatively non-invasive planting methods for farming to preserve soil health and avoid the use of fertilizers and the resultant emissions that occur from breaking up the soil. It’s all a bit difficult to know which way to jump.

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