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Organic Heat Exchangers’ EnergiVault Patent

Organic Heat Exchangers is pleased to announce that its UK patent applications were granted and were published on 3rd October 2018 (Document Type A) and 8th September 2021 (Document B).

The patent details can be accessed below:

And Individually below:

The patents are currently in the Founders and a further Director’s name, as these individuals financed the patent applications (circa £60,000) and are now being novated to Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd.

The patents were an extremely important milestone as they demonstrated the inventiveness of the EnergiVault technology. The patent protects the application of a phase change thermal storage system which freezes into tiny particles a working fluid such as a glycol solution. The O-Hx patent protects the controlled use of the thermal store in any cooling application where the same working fluid is crystallised into an “ice slurry” avoiding the need for a physical heat exchanger. The patent covers the organic heat exchanger and the thermal storage element where the ice slurry is stored. The parent recirculating glycol liquid is cooled by its passing through the EnergiVault thermal store or organic heat exchanger enabling huge heat transfer and rapid cooing due to the vast surface area to volume ratio of the ice slurry.

The patent also protects a means of measuring the weight of the ice slurry thereby measuring the available cooling energy stored, a key factor in managing and optimising energy use.

For further information on the patents, the opportunity they present or O-Hx’s existing funding rounds or fundraises on Crowdcube or Funderbeam, please contact:

Nicholas Dimmock, Director of Investor Relations:; 07832100165

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