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Home » Hydrostor plans 400 MW / 3200 MWh compressed air energy storage in the U.S – PV Magazine

Hydrostor plans 400 MW / 3200 MWh compressed air energy storage in the U.S – PV Magazine

The plant would be able to deliver 400 MW of electricity for 8 hours, and would be comparable in size to some of California’s largest fossil fuel power plants.

PV Magazine in US has revealed that an affiliate of Hydrostor filed an application for a 400 MW / 3200 MWh long duration energy storage (LDES) project with the California Energy Commission (CEC). Hydrostor deploys compressed air energy storage, a technology that is able to store and dispatch energy for long durations.

As the region’s 2,200 MW Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant is set to retire in 2024/2025, the LDES project has a target for commercial operation date as early as 2026. The project is expected to have a capital investment of around $800 million.

LDES technologies are viewed as important components in an evolving grid that features a growing share of renewable energy. They provide reliability services, and are hailed for their synergies with the weather-driven generation cycles of renewables.

Hydrostor’s technology features a four-step process for storing and dispatching energy. It first compresses off-peak or surplus energy from the grid, producing heated compressed air. Then, the heat is extracted from the air stream, and stored inside a thermal store, preserving the energy for later use. The compressed air is stored in a tank that uses a process called hydrostatic compensation to maintain constant pressure during operation.  When the energy needs to be dispatched, pressure forces air to the surface, where it is then recombined with heat, and sent through a turbine, producing dispatchable electricity.

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