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European Solar: Sector Research by 350 PPM Ltd


The world’s best solar PV (photovoltaic) projects now offer the cheapest electricity in history, according to the IEA (International Energy Agency).   In this European Solar report, we provide a high level introduction to the use of  PV within the EU. Also, one of the largest global PV markets.  Despite rapid growth the PV sector currently provides only 4% of the EU’s total electricity.  Not unexpectedly Covid has impacted the ongoing rollout.  Even so, the resilience shown has been impressive and there is a hope of a post pandemic bounce.  Owing to the green tilted 750 billion Euro recovery as well the recent commitment to make the EU a climate neutral area by 2050.  With this in mind, recent evaluations have estimated that PV will provide 62% of the EU’s electricity by this date.

To summarise, this is potentially a golden opportunity for investors.

Click here to read the complete introduction and full report:

Full Report – European Solar

Topics Covered:

  • Overview
    • Solar Resource
    • Installed Capacity
    • PV in the Mix
    • PV Classification
  • Key Drivers: Cost & Policy
    • LCOE and Government Renewables Auctions
    • Current EU-Wide Targets and the European Green Deal
    • As well as Broad Member State and Renewable Electricity Policy
  • Also, Market History and Forecast
    • This section includes Cumulative Installed Capacity and Power Generation
    • In addition, Reasons for the Current Boom as well as Segments and PV Portfolio Owners
    • Finally, Short and Long Term Forecasts

The report overview looks at the use of PV in Europe as well as comparing it to other continents.  In addition it gives the classification of PV systems.

We also, answer the question:  Who owns European assets?  With breakdowns and lists.

Finally, we present some forecasts for the EU PV market.  Firstly, we look at a short term forecast, which covers the next five years.  Lastly, we contemplate a more long term speculative forecast, going out to 2050.

Click here to read the full report:

Full Report – European Solar

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