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Environmental investment to generate positive and measurable environmental impact alongside great financial returns

Reckless industrialisation has annihilated the environment. However, increasing awareness and the transition to sustainable and renewable energy have led to environmental investment aiming to generate positive outcomes and financial returns.

The investment landscape is new, complex, and needs more data, but it undoubtedly presents great opportunities. 350ppm brings clarity to investment opportunities and risks, so your investment drives value and creates strategic advantages for the people and the planet.

Why environmental investment?

Climate change, human intervention, deforestation, greenhouse gases, and more have significantly changed our environment. Environmental investment is crucial in addressing global environmental challenges and facilitating low-carbon transition. In addition to addressing global challenges, environmental sustainability investing diversifies your investment portfolio, manages risks, and helps you achieve remarkable financial returns while leaving a positive impact on the planet and future generation

350PPM provides you with opportunities that align with your values and environmental goals. We channel your capital towards innovative solutions and encourage businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Our environmental investing solutions

The demand for environmental impact investing has surged in recent years, driven by increased awareness of environmental and social issues, regulatory developments, and consumer preferences. There are countless investment opportunities, and we provide you with the best investment solutions that benefit the environment and generate profits.

Clean Technology

We aim to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Our clean technology companies are developing innovative solutions to reduce pollution and improve resource efficiency. We focus on sectors like electric vehicles, energy-efficient appliances, advanced power storage solutions and more.

Renewable Energy  

We support sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and other power options that will eventually replace traditional fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.

Green Infrastructure Investing

Our partner companies are part of many green infrastructure projects working to develop sustainable public transportation, renewable energy infrastructure and sustainable urban planning. In addition, we also keep a close eye on sustainable agriculture.

Water Management

Investing in water management is essential. It is one of the biggest issues, and we invest in startups developing new ways to recycle water. Our investments in the industry keep water clean, protect nature, and address one of the main issues: the lack of clean water.

Fundamental approach to identify the best environmental companies to invest in

Our rigorous analysis focuses on opportunities and risks. The relevant environmental and ESG information tells us about the company’s impact and performance and the investor’s long-term return.

  • Sustainability Focused: Investing in companies that manage a range of environmental issues and opportunities better than the competition.
  • Impact on the Environment: Identifying companies for environment-sustainability investing that seek to generate measurable, verifiable and positive environmental impact.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We monitor companies’ sustainability performance closely, develop a comprehensive view, and assist them through targeted engagement.

Empowering startups seeking environmental investment

350PPM is dedicated to fueling the growth of startups committed to protecting and preserving our environment. Our investment strategies are designed to support innovative companies that make a significant impact on sustainability. And environmental protection.  

  • Fundraising and Investor Management: We help you secure funding from a wide range of investors at key stages. We vet the investors to identify the right ones that can provide the most value. 
  • Sales and Marketing: We support investor relations and PR campaigns to increase exposure. 350PPM takes your company to key audiences and other stakeholders. 
  • Business Plan Development: The expert engineers, data analysts and marketers help prepare a solid business plan that immediately grabs attention and helps you secure investment. 

Partner with us and take your environmental innovation to the next level. 

Planning to achieve net zero? Help the environment and leave a lasting impact on the planet.

We can help you meet your goals and achieve amazing profits.

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