Environmental Home Improvements

350 PPM is now expanding into Environmental Home Improvements (EHI).

Business Development

Exciting, 350 PPM is now
expanding into Environmental
Home Improvements (EHI).
According to 350 PPM Research,
12% of total green house gas
emissions are due to
Commercial and Residential
operations. Moreover,
improvements in some
technologies can offer some
very profitable emission
reductions and energy savings.
Please understand, the fight
against emissions is principally
about emissions reductions and
energy saving per $/£/€
invested over incumbent

350 PPM believes that domestic emissions are responsible for 12% of global carbon emissions. Since 2007, 350PPM has been active in the environmental sector and has been instrumental in reducing the levels of green house gases in the atmosphere.

Initially, our focus was on the very dangerous industrial gases, with very high Global Warming Potentials. However, now our focus is on Methane and CO2 having largely defeated the complex gas threat. The diagram below details the relative damage some of the green house gases do to the atmosphere.

Please note, CO2 provides the base for the scale. Thus Sulphur Hexafloride is 22,800 times as harmful to the atmosphere than C02. While many people follow the level of CO2 in the atmosphere as a proxy for global warming, a more accurate gauge is Carbon Dioxide and Equivalent Green house Gases (CO2E).

CO2e takes all the GHG’s in the atmosphere, rebases them as CO2 and expresses this as a number. It is the same as asking; “How can you estimate how much money there is in the world ?” – take all the cash, convert it into United States Dollars and this would give you your answer.

The same is true for emissions – convert everything into Carbon Dioxide Equivalents and express this as one number.

GWP Values and Lifetimes

Type of Gas

Lifetime in years

Global Warming Potential (GWP) (100 years)

Sulfur hexafluoride
HFC-23 (hydrofluorocarbon)
Carbon tetrafluoride (CF4)
Perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA)
CFC-11 (chlorofluorocarbon)
HFC-134a (hydrofluorocarbon)
Nitrous oxide
Carbon Dioxide

Free No Obligation Report on The Most Effective Home Improvements to Reduce Emissions and Save You Money

Rishi Sunak has recently announced a £2BN grant stimulus to improve energy efficiency in homes. However, 350 PPM has been investigating businesses that focus on reducing emissions since 2007.

In February of this year, due to my interest in entering the Home Improvement Market, I commissioned a report by our Research Team. The objective for them to analyse the most costs effective home improvements to reduce emissions and save money. This was done for information only, as at this stage, we have nothing to sell.

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