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Home » Environmental Finance News 350 PPM Ltd – 25-03-2021

Environmental Finance News 350 PPM Ltd – 25-03-2021

Environmental Finance News – 350 PPM Ltd

350 PPM hand picks cutting edge environmental projects to showcase their proposals to its highly regarded environmental investor base

Company News

This month we look at battery energy storage. One of the issues with renewable energy is that it doesn’t necessarily happen when you need it, which makes storing and releasing it so important. Wind and solar is intermittent and if the wind drops or the cloud comes across, emergency power has to kick in. Lithium-ion batteries such as those used in Tesla cars are currently the main technology used to store and manage energy created by renewable sources, wind & solar. Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive has said he expects the company’s energy business – including the supply of solar and huge lithium-ion batteries for the grid to be as big as its car business in the long term. The market is being driven by falling prices and new technology and supporters say batteries will replace fossil fuel “peaker’ plants, which currently activate for those few hours every day when energy use soars. See BBC article: Battery Storage. This energy storage is crucial for the growth of renewables and for the transition to a carbon free power grid. To find out more click below.

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Mark Howitt has been elected to the Energy Storage Steering Group of the Renewable Energy Association; he is already on their Larger Scale Storage Group. This adds to the industry’s growing recognition of authoritative expertise, such as his being appointed United Nations (UNECE) expert in energy transition technologies, economics, regulation and politics and being a regular consultee for government, Ofgem and National Grid reviews.

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Investment & Research

For an overview of 350 PPM’s current projects or sector-specific research from 350 PPM’s in-house research team, request so here:​

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Industry Insight

Power Technology – 9th March, 2021

Global battery energy storage market to reach $11.04bn in 2025, says GlobalData

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Bloomberg – 10th February, 2021

The Boom in ESG Shows No Signs of Slowing

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edie -2nd March, 2021

Report: Strong net-zero policy could help UK attract £350bn of investment by 2050

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The Guardian – 15th March, 2021

Renewable energy growth must speed up to meet Paris goals, agency says

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edie – 10th March, 2021

Major investors apply net-zero alignment framework to $8trn of assets

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BBC – 11th Jan, 2021

Tees and Humber wind farm ports to ‘create 6,000 jobs’

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