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Home » Environmental Finance News 350 PPM Ltd – 05.05.20

Environmental Finance News 350 PPM Ltd – 05.05.20

Environmental Finance News – 350 PPM Ltd

350 PPM hand picks cutting edge environmental projects to showcase their proposals to its highly regarded environmental investor base

Company News

After many months of hard work and planning we are very happy to announce the latest project to join our growing portfolio of companies: Shine Australia. The project is already proving very popular with our database of investors and marks the start of a number of this type of 350 PPM investment opportunities. There is huge potential for solar all round, however the future in Australia looks particularly bright as solar provides the ideal vehicle and parameters for reducing emissions in line with the goals set out in The Paris Agreement. This month, we’ve collated mainly solar articles of interest from various sources. As well as a piece on the likely future growth of inflows into ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) funds and a link to the “Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2020” from the UN Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development.

For additional information or to discuss the Shine opportunity further, please contact your 350 PPM Representative.

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PGP have been preparing for due diligence (DD) to attract further investment and prepare for fund raising on the targeted project sites. This includes reviewing existing contracts in PGP to ensure EIS and FCA compliance, ready for regulatory approval, to then approach institutional investors via the broker. Independent financial and legal advice has been sought to ensure the company is ready to progress forward to its next stage of growth and reassure shareholders’ interests are being managed.

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has been working closely with Storelectric for over a year validating Storelectric’s 3 technologies. MHPS can build them from their current catalogue of equipment, hydrogen ready, making CCGT and hybrid CAES emissions-free and TES CAES longer duration. MHPS will consider delivering an EPC wrap (total plant design, project management, construction and guarantees) up to and excluding the wellhead and are considering investment in Storelectric.

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Investment & Research

For an overview of 350 PPM’s current projects or sector-specific research from 350 PPM’s in-house research team, request so here:​

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Industry Insight

ESG Clarity – 14th April 20

Fitch: ‘Seismic shift’ towards ESG funds in coming years

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UN Inter-agency Task Force

Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2020

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Renew Economy – 20th April 20

South Australia could reach stunning 87 per cent wind and solar in four years

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The Guardian – 12th March 20

Wind and solar plants will soon be cheaper than coal in all big markets around world, analysis finds

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Business Green – 22nd April 20

Cleaner air and sunny skies drive all-time UK solar power record

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Renewable Energy Magazine – 24th April 20

REC market analysts believe solar power will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis even stronger than before

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