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Home » Environmental Finance News 350 PPM Ltd – 01.04.20

Environmental Finance News 350 PPM Ltd – 01.04.20

Environmental Finance News – 350 PPM Ltd

350 PPM hand picks cutting edge environmental projects to showcase their proposals to its highly regarded environmental investor base

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We bring you this Environmental Finance News Mailer from a very different world than the one we found ourselves in even a month ago. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well in these troubling and challenging times. At 350 PPM we are doing our best to conduct business as usual and we are working hard to enhance our portfolio of companies. We have focused this Environmental News Mailer on articles from the solar industry and the opportunities it offers as 350 PPM will shortly be launching its next solar development project. “This year there will be more than 115 gigawatts (GW) of solar installed across the world, which is more than all other generation technologies put together” (World Economic Forum Annual Meeting).  

Whilst market volatility is inevitable, we have seen recently just how susceptible the markets are to global events. And whilst no industry is immune, The Forbes article below makes a very good case for investment in renewable energy. “I think we’re entering a whole new phase of volatility”. “These are the unfortunate repercussions of a global market that’s exposed to the volatility of the oil markets and suffers when unforeseeable events like Coronavirus arise at the worst time”. Whilst the UK market may be delayed due to “lock down” it is worth noting that the energy, waste and recycling sectors are all classed as “critical infrastructure” so remain active and new market openings and opportunities arise so continued investment is important.

One small positive worth noting in a truly catastrophic situation is that when it really comes to it, countries and peoples are capable of working together for the common good as highlighted in the item from CNN below in the industry insight section:

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Talks this week with the land owners, technology providers and the EPC’s have continued at pace. The modular technology from WES’s Finland partners have gained significant traction and conference calls between the technology providers, EPC’s for the technology and the partnering civil EPC’s have moved forward on two projects. The structure of the EPC’s and pre-funding contracts have started to take a significant step forward.

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PGP are preparing their EIS Advanced Assurance application to HMRC as well as reworking the PGP website to have more on-line interaction and high quality download documentation, news and updates. They are also progressing documentation for project fund raising to create fees for PGP upon successful financial close (subject to COVID-19 delays).

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Investment & Research

For an overview of 350 PPM’s current projects or sector-specific research from 350 PPM’s in-house research team, request so here:​

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Industry Insight

Environmental Finance – 24th March

Private sector report from the Green Climate Fund

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Forbes – 13th March

How Coronavirus Makes The Case For Renewable Energy

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The Guardian -12th March

Wind and solar plants will soon be cheaper than coal in all big markets around world, analysis finds

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The Conversation – 9th June

Solar panels all over the Sahara desert?

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CNN – 27th March

The world is coming together to fight coronavirus. It can do the same for the climate crisis

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World Economic Forum – 16th Jan

The future looks bright for solar energy

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Renewable Energy World – 11th Dec

Why the future of solar is bright

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E&E News- 17th March

2019 Was a Record Year for U.S. Solar Power

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