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Article Name: Green Investing Solutions through The Enterprise Investment Scheme

Posted By: Andrew Walker

Original Author: Nicholas Dimmock

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Green Investing Solutions through The Enterprise Investment Scheme

An excerpt from the Government’s Review of the Enterprise Investment Scheme is detailed below:

Start of Excerpt:

2.2 Enterprise Investment Scheme – EIS Investments

EIS – The Number of EIS Companies and Amount of EIS Investments

Since EIS was launched in 1993-94, over 24,500 individual companies have received investment through the scheme, and over £14 billion of funds have been raised.

The numbers of companies raising funds under EIS and the level of investment have shown similar trends since the scheme was introduced [fig. 1]. The number of companies raising funds peaked at 3.315 in 2000 – 1 [which reflects the dot com boom in 2000] compared to 3,130 companies raising funds in 2014-15. The amount of funds raised in 2014-15 [£1,663 million] is higher than in any previous year. Read the full article HERE