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Cleantech venture capital: We back ambitious market leaders

350 PPM is more than a cleantech venture capital firm. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to identifying and nurturing the next generation of clean and climate-friendly technology startups. We invest in companies commercializing advanced energy technologies and bringing positive change to the climate.

Our mission is to provide the capital and resources necessary for innovative companies to scale and significantly impact the global market. 

Why do we invest in cleantech companies?

Cleantech is less about the technology used and more about creating a clean environment and facilitating sustainability by using any technology or process that does not harm the planet and its living beings. The impact of cleantech is massive, as it can be felt through improvements in food quality, transportation, human health, and energy efficiency. 

It encompasses many technologies, including renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass), electric vehicles, bioremediation, battery storage, energy efficiency, water preservation, software, and even new materials. 

We provide a comprehensive growth platform for startups 

We are not your average clean tech investors. Our approach is unique and centered around creating a growth platform for startups. Because we know the journey of scaling a business requires more than just financial investment. In addition, we help our partner companies access new revenue sources and secure reliable funding partners. 

Driving global impact               

We strive to drive a sustainable future through the advancement of clean technologies. 350 PPM believes in the power of innovation to address global challenges. We are dedicated to supporting companies that are driving the energy transition. 

Leveraging our robust network 

We have an extensive network of industrial and utility partners that are able to provide startups with the strategic support that they need to grow rapidly and sustainably. The partnerships span across the energy value chain, enabling us to drive the adoption of cleantech technologies on a global scale. 

Our investment strategy for cleantech startups

When it comes to investment in clean energy startups, things can go south. The high-risk and capital-intensive companies need significant support to scale up. We are on a mission to establish a cleaner and fairer economy. So, our experts have developed a methodology that helps startups drive return on sustainable clean tech investment funds. 

Planet changing tech

Our team is made up of experienced physicists and engineers and we deeply assess every technology to prove its works and positively impact the climate. 

Greenhouse gases impact

As we move ahead in time we look to reduce the greenhouse gases impact. 350PPM understands that the world needs outsized performers, so we only invest in companies that can reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350 PPM (parts per million).


Our value goes beyond dollars. We work hand in hand through each phase of development. From co-developing patents to talent acquisition and strategic marketing, we develop value-added relationships with companies we back. 

What sets 350 PPM cleantech venture capital apart? 

  • Our team has market intelligence with deep industry experience that helps us deliver great results.
  • We leverage our team of engineers, investment professionals, and subject matter experts that quantitatively analyze the potential of a startup technology and perform qualitative assessments of environmental and social impact.
  • Our Clean Tech investors are your possible future customers. 
  • 350 PPM has a global network of cleantech startups, academic institutions, accelerators, think tanks, and government partners. 

As the best climate tech venture capital we de-risk cleantech startups, scale them to market, and enable customer creation to achieve commercial scale success. 

Are you a climate technology or clean energy startup looking to scale your business? Or Are you an investor looking to invest in cleantech startups?

Contact us today to learn, how we can support your vision and help you build a sustainable portfolio. 

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