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Today we release the latest in our line of short introductions to 350 PPM relevant sectors of the economy, this time focusing on bio-refining in the UK.  We provide an introduction below, and you can download the report using the following link: 

FOR THE FULL REPORT PLEASE CLICK HERE 350 PPM Sector Research – Biorefining in the UK – OH – 2019 07 10

In the early 2000’s more sophisticated US satellites started picking up dark spots appearing in the Nevada Desert. Under further investigation by Federal Agencies it was found that trucks were illegally fly tipping fatty wastes including what is known as Scum. The law enforcement agencies intervened of course and put an end to the practice. The Californian State sought to find a solution of what to do with unwanted fats from consumers and industry; they settled on the unsophisticated solution of loading the fats into barges and towing them 200 miles into the Pacific Ocean. In 2010, it was estimated that there were over 200 fat laden barges bobbing around 200 miles west of San Francisco. A silicon valley billionaire, who is now responsible for circa 1 GW of Solar Development in the US (and has in fact signed a term sheet to purchase Solar 350’s Mexican Solar Development Sites), heard about this and sought to find a solution. Having developed appropriate technology, the first bio-refinery is operational; it refines fatty wastes and scum into bio-diesel which is sold to the US Navy and antifreeze which is sold to the US Air force and it is amazing profitable (from what we understand). You might not know this but chemical antifreeze was outlawed in 2010 – the risk of it draining into the water table is to great. Since this time, Pigs Urine (would you believe it), containing uric acid of course,  has been used on commercial and military aircraft. Yes, as you sit inside listening to the safety announcement they are spraying the plane with this. In any case, the report is designed to analyse the potential for commercialisation of this technology in the United Kingdom.