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350 PPM Launches Cash Call in Preparation for H1 2022 Slate

350 PPM Companies Update

Dear 350 PPM Follower / Subscriber / Investor / Reader,

We are writing to you because at some point you have requested information from us on Environmental / ESG Investments or we have made introductions to participating environmental companies on your behalf – you may then have subsequently invested.

Please note, all of the companies detailed below have their own investor relations teams, which are specially trained on the company, its developments and prospects. If we introduce you to any of these businesses, we gain an introduction fee, which pays wages and finances our research, which you can view here for free: FREE of Charge or Obligation.

All information provided for information only.
If you wish to forward this email onto friends and colleagues, you may wish to sign an Introducer Agreement first. If you do so, there will be an Introducer Success Fee paid to you (in the form of shares in the company, a fee or a donation to a charity of your choice) by the specific raising company that is invested in. Further details at the end of the email or contact to sign up.

Updates as follows:

350 PPM LTD 

350 PPM has won Best Environmental Incubator 2021:

In preparation for our 2022 Slate, we are launching a cash call / raise for £181,500 GBP for 350 PPM LTD. Information about 350 PPM and its development is detailed below for existing and new investors:

350 PPM Ltd is an environmental incubator and business accelerator.

We identify and assist the most promising environmental companies in the development of their businesses:  We invest in the founders and the company and assist in branding, technology, funding, back office, administration, and business development.

We look to work with businesses that are at a stage where they have the potential to scale via a capitalisation metric of 100 times, over 12 quarterly milestones, spanning 36 months.

My experience in this sector dates to 2008, when post MBA, I became an Emissions Broker with Tullett Prebon, then the largest interdealer broker in the world.

In 2009, I left Tullett’s to found Carbon 350 Ltd and two years later, we completed our first transaction; selling a 21-year stream of Certified Emission Reductions, from a Municipal Solid Waste Composting Project in India to Conoco Inc, the US Oil Company.

A further 49 projects followed and were developed, accredited and their emission reductions streams were placed with buyers such as Gazprom, GFACC (IOM) Ltd and Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund, including handling the accreditation of the 1500 MW Coca-Codo Sinclair Hydroelectric Plant in Ecuador. In 2013, after the demise of The Kyoto Protocol and The Clean Development Mechanism, we moved into Solar Development. At the time of writing, we have 100 MW of solar and 30 MW of batteries in development.

350 PPM was founded in 2012, with the expectation that a new global treaty would be agreed. We started trading in 2017, after The Paris Agreement was ratified in 2016.

So far, 350 PPM has funded eight businesses, which was our three year target to the start of 2020, across: Solar Energy Generation (, Energy Storage (, Waste To Energy ( Plastic Recycling (, Food Production and Distribution (, and Munitions Disposal (  350 PPM owns on average around 14% of each of these businesses.

In terms of the businesses we have funded, Storelectric and Plastic Green Power are way out in front with their patented processes (CAES & Hydrogen, Plastic Recycling and Power respectively).

Solar 350 and PAPA ONE are scaling their operations to new jurisdictions and Shine Australia are close to finishing their first project site as per their plan. Waste to Energy Solutions has a £35m funding offer for one site and My Healthy Kick is closing a £500,000 round.  Disarmco, is reputed to be building its order book, but may have to wait for a Treaty on abandoned ordinance before it can truly reap the rewards due to it.

We are now preparing our slate for Q1 2022 and are working with the following businesses:

  1. Carbonise Ltd: Their patented technology carbonises/eats unsorted landfills and unsorted Municipal Solid Waste allowing the reclamation of valuable land, the sale of the five carbonised residues including Bio-Coal, Bio-Char, and Lignin (a petrol additive). The process is emissions free and abates emissions and environmental degradation from MSW and Landfill, that would occur if the waste were not treated. The technology is roughly half the cost of other solutions including incineration, pyrolysis and gasification.
  2. Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd: Their patented technology, among other things, wraps ice crystals in an organic nanotech wrapper, allowing more rapid heat exchange and a reduction in cooling costs of circa 60% for users. Because the system adds up to 500 times cooling capacity, users can disconnect from the grid at peak times. This adds a further 20% saving as the system can be charged with cold when electricity prices are low, such as on a windy night. In Saudi Arabia, 80% of energy generation is used for cooling. A major application is Data Centres as OH-X effectively provides a UCS – uninterruptable cooling system.

We plan to fund both businesses in 5 stages, over 12 quarterly pre-agreed milestones (36 months) thus breaking down a complex task into 12 manageable milestones and creating a roadmap to success and a growth metric of 100 times the starting point.

In terms of 350 PPM itself, we are looking to raise £181,500 in Q4 of 2021 which is our Milestone 7.  Covid has delayed our growth and we are forecasting £60M MCap by Milestone 18. It is likely that this will be our final funding round.
350 PPM has historically demonstrated strong growth and recorded profits/losses to 31st November of each year of 2017: £145,775, 2018: minus £26,617, 2019: £390,133. We expect 2020 to record profits of roughly £200,000, though 2022 will record a loss, as COVID hit, yet it has allowed us to reimagine the business and bring further innovation into the business. To November 30th, 2022, we forecast a bounce back to growth with a 600K profit.
The offered price of £3.01 reflects the “covid” flat spot and is significantly down on £7M (circa £9.00 per share) we were offered for 30% of the business in 2020.
The innovations, both in terms of technology and processes we are bringing to the business are detailed on pages 7 and 8 of the Information Memorandum which you are welcome to request.

The environmental revolution is still in its nascent. At full capacity, we expect $2-3 trillion per year to be invested in this sector. This gives us time to finance and develop more great environmental businesses and projects ready for this tsunami of investment.

By investing in 350 PPM, as well as accessing our existing businesses operations, though our shareholdings in the companies we have funded already, you can also share in their successes.
350 PPM’s Forecast Milestones and the resulting share price trajectory are detailed at the back of the Information Memorandum.
I very much hope that I can welcome you on board as investors of 350 PPM whether you are existing or new investors.

For an Information Memorandum, please register here: and confirm your investor status.
Once registered please don’t hesitate to contact me on to discuss or move matters forward.


Now a little bit of inside information about COP 26:

The base commitment of all nations to emission reductions though to 2030 is through their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

You can read about Country NDC’s here:

You can review individual Country NDC’s here:

A company run by a good friend of mine now does NDC’s for around seven sovereign states. However, the fundamental problem is while MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) of emissions and emission reductions is a legally binding clause of The Paris Agreement, and there are associated penalties for not reporting accurately, not complying with your Nationally Determined Contribution is not legally binding and has no penalties for noncompliance.

Boris and others may think that they are painting participants into a corner, but it will all come down to the same argument. The developed world are historic polluters, the developed world has higher emissions per capita, the developed world needs to play a greater roll in financing emission reductions.

What will change everything for everybody is Article 6 of The Paris Agreement. Article 6, when it is finally agreed will cover the creation of a fungible emissions subsidy to incentivise emission reductions globally. It is due to be known as The Sustainable Development Mechanism and will follow on from the success of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which was a gamechanger under The Kyoto Protocol. The CDM catalysed the development and construction of over 10,000 environmental projects.

The Sustainable Development Mechanism will create cross border trade and investment, like we have never known before and catalyse investment of hopefully $1-2 trillion per year into the sector. It will also open up new sectors outside energy to emission reduction projects.

They may finally grasp the nettle in Egypt at COP 27 and create a system that everyone can buy into, participate and potentially profit from. The SDM will incentivise the private sector, as opposed to the existing government system which I personally think is hugely wasteful.

Anyway, at 350, we are working to develop environmental companies, ultimately for this time.

And Finally:

If you have contacts that are bold enough to back early-stage companies in the environmental space, please don’t hesitate to forward them this email. However before you do this, you are very welcome to email Alexandra ( and register as an Introducer.
We own shares in all of the above companies and if getting some additional investment into a nascent business means giving away our Introducer Fee in return for a new investor, that works for us. On average, it generally works out as about 4% paid to you in the form of shares in the company, cash or a donation to a charity of your choosing..
Please don’t hesitate to come back to me if you have any other questions ( 

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