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350 PPM – Environmental Investors and Engineers – Lend Me Your Ears

Dear 350 PPM Follower / Subscriber / Investor / Reader,

We are writing to you because at some point you have requested information from us on Environmental / ESG Investments or we have made introductions to participating environmental companies on your behalf – you may then have subsequently invested.

Please note, all of the companies that we introduce, have their own investor relations teams, which are specially trained on the company, its developments and prospects. If we introduce you to any of these businesses, we gain an introduction fee, which pays wages and finances our research, which you can view here for free: FREE of Charge or Obligation.

All information provided for information only.

350 PPM has won Best Environmental Incubator 2021:

We invite you to watch our Changes and Innovations for 2022 Video below which includes details of our recapitalisation raise:

350 PPM : Changes and Innovations for 2022

This details all the changes we have made to the business for 2022, which we believe will:

  • Add further brilliance to the way the business operates
  • Allow us to scale globally
  • Achieve our objective of creating a 100M GBP Business within 36 months. 

This year, 2022, we will be working with Organic Heat Exchangers: in H1, which reduces utility scale cooling costs by circa 80%. It also acts as a demand side battery; and Carbonise Ltd:; in H2, which eats landfills and new MSW turning the waste into Bio-coal, Bio-char, Bio-fuel and Mineral Recyclables and allowing the reclamation of landfill land for re-use as housing or industrial purposes.

Here’s how you can get in touch:

Book a Call with me Click Here
Email Me Click Here
Email Alexandra for a 350 PPM Information Memorandum Click Here
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Register for our Introducer Programme and Earn Click Here

Kind Regards,

Nick Dimmock (BA MBA CASS)
Managing Director
350 PPM LTD 

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