Sector Research – Recycling Plastics

Sector Research – Recycling Plastics

Today we release the latest in our line of short introductions to 350 PPM relevant sectors of the economy, this time focusing on recycling plastics.  We provide an extract below, and you can download the report using the following link:

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FULL REPORT: Sector Research: Recycling Plastics




Plastic is incredibly useful. To name a few reasons why: it’s versatile, lightweight, waterproof and
cheap. Each year, we produce an amount of plastic roughly equivalent to the mass of two-thirds of
the world’s population. Much of this quickly ends up as waste, with most not currently recycled and,
unfortunately, ~3% entering the ocean. Following TV programmes such as the BBC’s Blue Planet II,
marine plastic has become one of the most high-profile environmental issues of our time. Recycling
more plastic cannot solve this problem, but it can help.

In this report, we provide a brief introduction to the plastics recycling sector and estimate its
potential for growth. Our focus is on feedstock recycling, a non-traditional method of recycling
that works by converting standard plastics back into the oil from which they are derived.

To carry on reading, please download the full report using the link in green further up the page.


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